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Commercial Dipping Cabinets

Safely Store and Serve Ice Cream With Commercial Dipping Cabinets

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Gelato Cabinets

Gelato Cabinets

Get next gelato-cabinets Dipping Cabinets and other Commercial Ice Cream Equipment here at Ckitchen.com - get new level of flexibility to your commercial kitchen while greatly increasing the productivity!
Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets

Buy your next dipping-cabinets Dipping Cabinets and other Commercial Ice Cream Equipment here at CKitchen - bring new level of convenience to your foodservice establishment while improving your profit.
Drop-In Dipping Cabinets

Drop-In Dipping Cabinets

Buy your next drop-in-dipping-cabinet Dipping Cabinets and other Commercial Ice Cream Equipment here at Ckitchen.com - bring new level of versatility to your restaurant while improving the productivity.


Sleek and modern units designed to showcase and store a variety of frozen dessert, featuring a smooth, flat front design for a contemporary aesthetic.


Refrigerated display cases designed with a sleek curved front, allowing for enhanced visibility and an aesthetically pleasing presentation of ice cream and other frozen treats.
No Sneeze Guard

No Sneeze Guard

Refrigerated display units used to showcase and store frozen treats without a protective barrier, allowing easy access to the products.
Flip Top

Flip Top

Innovative storage solution that combines a trendy design with functional convenience, allowing users to effortlessly access and organize various items with a simple flip of the lid.


Display units designed to showcase and store a variety of ice cream flavors while keeping them at the optimal serving temperature.

Highly Rated Commercial Dipping Cabinets

Falcon ADPC-46 Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet
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Falcon ADPC-66 Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet
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Falcon ADPC-88 Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet
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Popular Brands for Commercial Dipping Cabinets

Beverage Air Glastender Delfield Falcon Global Refrigeration Perlick Silver King Turbo Air Howard-McCray Master-Bilt HUSSMANN EASTERN CORP. Oscartek SOUTHERN ICE (DISTRIBUTOR) Stoelting Summit Commercial Maxx Cold Admiral Craft Excellence Hydra-Kool


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    Commercial Dipping Cabinets: Frozen Dessert Storage Solution

    Ice cream shop proprietors know that the number-one piece of equipment they should never be without is a reliable commercial dipping cabinet. These are simply ice cream freezers that are designed to house can house large volumes of ice cream for hand-dipped cones and novelties, and typically feature glass tops to make your product offerings more desirable to customers.

    Commercial dipping cabinets are ideal for the ice cream parlor, gelato shop, convenience store, or concession stand. These units are engineered to maintain the ideal serving temperatures for ice cream. Some units are enclosed while others are designed for merchandising.

    Both types of commercial dipping cabinets have two storage sections. The top storage is for the main tubs of ice cream that you will scoop from to fulfill orders. Beneath you have a compartment for extra tubs that are meant for quickly replenishing flavors at the top.

    In the case of ice cream dipping cabinets with display, the top storage also serves as the main display where customers can fully view the products available. These units typically have glass sliding doors that provide insulation and protect the contents from contaminants. Additionally, display commercial dipping cabinets have a straight or curved glass canopy that serves as the main viewing area and added protection for when the glass doors are open when scooping the ice cream.

    Storage dipping cabinets can be set up on both the front and back of the house. These units sometimes come with a rail that can be loaded with utensils and pump jars and cold containers for add-ons. The tubs are hidden away, and can be accessed through stainless steel flip lids.

    If you’re an expert at the art of gelato-making, you already know that you shouldn’t use just any refrigerator to store your product. You need a specialty commercial dipping cabinet that's specially designed to store and preserve gelato. We have a wide range of gelato freezers that use pans instead of tubs, all of which are designed to preserve flavor and maintain the perfect gelato-serving temperature for the perfect bowl or cone every time.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a gelato dipping case for your novelty shop or a large-scale commercial dipping cabinet for your busy homemade ice cream store, CKitchen has just what you’re looking for.

    We’re proud to offer a hand-picked selection of the best commercial dipping cabinets by industry leaders like Excellence, Master-Bilt, Turbo Air, Maxx Cold, and more. Options range from compact novelty merchandisers and mini bunkers to expansive display cabinets that let you show off a dozen different flavors.

    If you make all of your gelato, frozen yogurt, or ice cream in-house, you will want to explore our selection of ice cream hardening cabinets that quickly chill large batches of frozen treats. These cabinets are also great for storing large quantities of ice cream straight from your preferred ice cream maker.

    CKitchen also offers a large selection of commercial ice cream supplies, including ice cream accessories like dishers, dippers, condiment dispensers and more. Of course, we can also help you find the right soft serve machines and refrigeration systems for your business.

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