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Bullet Ice Makers

Bullet Ice Machines Are an Excellent Choice for Keeping Mixed Drinks & Carbonated Beverages Cool

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    Bullet Ice Makers: Upgrade Your Restaurant

    Bullet ice makers are powerful ice machines that can provide your establishment with all the ice you need to get through the day.

    Bullet-shaped ice is different from typical ice cubes in that it has a hollow middle, which creates a large contact area with the liquid resulting in quick, even cooling. Bullet-shaped ice is great for carbonated beverages as well as mixed drinks. Foodservice operations like convenience stores and fast-food restaurants will definitely find great use in bullet ice maker machines.

    With durable stainless steel construction, the ice makers are made for heavy work. They come in various configurations and styles to support daily ice production of all scales.  With a litany of configurations to choose from, these ice machines can produce a small to large batch of ice per day.

    Bullet ice machines are available in undercounter and modular units.  They come with features that make ice-making tasks easier to perform. Most units will tell you when the basket is full of the newly produced ice while some advanced units even self-diagnose issues so you can get ahead of a potential problem.

    If you are looking for a commercial ice maker machine to maintain a steady supply of bullet-shaped ice for your business, a commercial bullet ice maker may just be what you need. CKitchen can help you find the right unit for your business. Feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have until you are confident about making the purchase.

    If you are looking to make other types of ice like full-size or half-cube-size icenugget ice, or flake ice CKitchen has one of the best selections of ice machines from top brands. 
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