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Oversized Cubes Ice Makers

Customers Can Enjoy Their Cold Drinks For Longer With Oversized Cubes Ice Makers



Air-cooled units are more budget-friendly and can be easily installed in most commercial buildings. They can be more energy-efficient and are best operated in clean and temperature-controlled facilities.
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Oversized Cubes Ice Makers: For A Lasting Experience

Much larger than your typical ice cube, oversized cubes, which are sometimes called "extra-large" or "grande" ice cubes, are preferred for drinks on the rocks such as vodka and whiskey as well as cocktails.

This type of ice melts slowly but quickly cools the drink without diluting it, giving customers the chance to enjoy their drinks for longer without worrying about it losing flavor or watering down. Oversized cube ice makers are a way for you to maintain a stable supply of this fantastic large cube of ice for your restaurant or bar.

Oversized cube ice makers here on CKitchen come from some of the biggest and most recognized names in the industry, Scotsman and Ice-O-Matic, so you know you are getting a high-quality piece of equipment built to last and designed to perform. The stainless steel construction on these ice machines boasts high corrosion resistance to extend the service life of the unit. These units are loaded with amazing features that streamline your operation.

The ice machines are modular in design so that you can choose a separate ice bin with the preferred capacity to help you meet your daily ice demands. A The ice production capacity ranges from 300 pounds of ice per day all the way to 900 lbs.

You don't have to worry about quick melting ice. With oversized cube ice makers, you can produce ice with efficiency and convenience, so that drinks can now last longer and your customers are happier.

If you are looking for other types of commercial ice machines for your establishment, CKitchen has a wide selection of products from trusted brands for you to choose from. From a portable ice maker and undercounter models that can produce a small amount of ice to countertop units and ice machine heads that can handle high production demands, we've got it all here. We also have ice machine accessories such as ice scoops and water filters.

If you are unsure which of our oversized cube ice makers is best suited for your business, you can contact one of our friendly food service consultants who can guide you in making the right purchase.