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FMP 280-1245 Bus Box 7" deep
FMP 280-1245 Bus Box 7" deep
  • $17.18

Commercial Warewash Accessories

When you’re operating a business in the food service industry, it is absolutely crucial that you have the right equipment to keep your cookware, serveware and utensils impeccably clean. Before putting these items through one of the commercial utensil washers available through CKitchen, give them a quick rinse with commercial warewash accessories. Having the right pre-rinse assembly over your sink will enable you and your employees to give a powerful blast to cooking and serving utensils in order to get the initial debris off of their surfaces — this helps to ensure that the commercial utensil washer is able to remove all of the remaining debris without issue. We have a vast selection of pre-rinse assemblies, adapters, hoses and more, so you’re sure to find the right mix of products to suit your needs.

Running a business is already hard on the wallet at times, which is why CKitchen is committed to saving you as much money as possible. We do this through working directly with some of the most well-respected suppliers in the industry to secure unbeatable prices on top of providing you with free shipping, no matter how heavy the item is. As you’re looking through our selection of products, if you decide to customize anything with different finishes, electrical supplies, lighting options or anything else, you’ll notice that the price counter in the top right-hand corner updates in real-time. We do this so that your shopping process is as pleasant as possible and so that you won’t have any unexpected surprises during checkout.

Many of our products include a one year parts and labor warranty, so please feel free to reach out to our customer service team should your item require any maintenance. If you’d like help placing your order or want to inquire about a specific product, please contact us.