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Larry A (Philadelphia, PA)
This glass washer is great! It can keep up with the regular washing and really doesn't struggle at all. Haven't had any issue with it in the months that we've used it. Quite the opposite actually, it stands up well to frequent use
Eilleen W (New York, NY)
For small day-to-day glass washing, it's a great pick. It holds up really well and it works exactly as expected. Makes cleaning so much easier for us, and saves us a lot of time. A solid addition to our cleaning station no doubt
Sean F (Las vegas, Nevada)
great product
Max H (Boise City, ID)
So far we're very happy with this glass washer. It does the job quite nicely and it really isn't difficult to use, which is great since we rely on it daily. And the build quality is surprisingly great. Hope it lasts. Would recommend it!