Restaurant Gas Ranges

There’s no denying that a gas range brings measurable benefits to your food service operation. Compared with its electric counterpart, commercial gas kitchen equipment helps you totally control the amount of heat dispensed, resulting in more precise cooking. Another reason why gas ranges are often preferred in the commercial kitchen is that they are much quicker to heat up, which can save you much-needed time when you’re in the middle of a busy dinner rush. And, although gas ranges tend to be costlier to operate than electric ones, they’re more reliable, especially in the event of a power outage.

CKitchen can help you find the perfect restaurant gas range for your business, whether you need something small and reliable or large and heavy-duty. Our selection includes top-notch commercial gas ranges by Turbo Air, Vulcan, Wolf, Bakers Pride and Garland. You’ll find styles with features such as stainless steel back valve panels, ignitors, standard and convection ovens, fry-tops with manual controls, single high shelves and more from the most trusted names in the industry. We offer everything from compact, four-burner styles all the way up to extra-large styles with several burners, dual convection ovens and more.

While we have a huge selection of standard gas open burner ranges that sit on the floor like a traditional range, we also have a wide variety of countertop gas ranges and specialty ranges that are designed to accommodate your specific kitchen requirements. Make sure to explore our entire selection of commercial ranges to find a style that perfectly suits your needs. The team at CKitchen is more than happy to help you find commercial restaurant equipment that meets your specific demands and budget. We offer financing, low prices and thorough customer service to ensure a simple and enjoyable shopping experience.

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  • SKU # G60-6G24RR
  • FINANCE FOR: $122.19/mo.

  • SKU # TARG-36G2B
  • FINANCE FOR: $114.82/mo.
  • Price: $4,636.76

  • SKU # TARG-36G4B
  • FINANCE FOR: $119.31/mo.
  • Price: $4,818.53

  • SKU # C36C-2B24CB
  • FINANCE FOR: $154.59/mo.

  • SKU # C36S-2B24CB
  • FINANCE FOR: $103.30/mo.

  • SKU # C60SS-6B24CB
  • FINANCE FOR: $174.73/mo.



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