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Cut Food Prep Time With Manual Food Slicers

Globe FS12 Traditional Premium Flywheel Slicer
Globe FS12 Traditional Premium Flywheel Slicer
  • FINANCE FOR: $495.56/mo.
  • Price: $5,947
  • Retail: $5,947
  • Your Price: $5,947
Superior Brand
Globe FS14 Traditional Flywheel Slicer
Globe FS14 Traditional Flywheel Slicer
  • FINANCE FOR: $667.22/mo.
  • Price: $8,007
  • Retail: $8,007
  • Your Price: $8,007
Superior Brand
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Manual Food Slicers Increase Productivity And Accuracy

Manual food slicers and meat slicers are a great help to your kitchen staff. These reliable food prep solutions reduce the effort required to cut deli meats and ingredients into the desired thickness and size for a variety of dishes.

Manual food slicers are budget-friendly upgrades to any commercial kitchen as they can get the job done without incurring additional electrical expenses. They are ideal for use in low-volume applications because they still rely on a bit of elbow grease.

Manual food slicers are hand-operated so users can enjoy total control of the speed in which they can slice the products. These units help you get precise and uniform cuts of meat that would otherwise be difficult to achieve with standard knives.

Meat slicing is often relegated to the back of the house, but beautifully crafted flywheel slicers add theatrical experience for customers at the front of the house of the enjoy. Not only do you get to slice meat efficiently, but you also get to put on a show.

CKitchen has an amazing collection of manual food slicers from top industry names such as Bizerba, Globe, FMP, and AMPTO. These units are solidly made with rugged materials that you can trust to handle heavy work day-in-day-out.

For high-volume production, you might want to consider an automatic food slicer. If you need any assistance in selecting your next food slicer, feel free to give us a call so that one of our friendly and knowledgeable foodservice consultants will be more than happy to help you find the best unit for your needs.


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