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(Refurbished) Hobart HL200-1STD 100-120/50/60/1; Bench type mixer; with bowl

Hobart (Refurbished) Hobart HL200-1STD 100-120/50/60/1; Bench type mixer; with bowl

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Hobart HL200-1STD Description

100-120/50/60/1; Bench type mixer; with bowl, beater, whip & spiral dough arm, US/EXP configuration - Legacy Planetary Mixer, Bench, 20 quart, (3) fixed speeds plus stir speed, gear-driven transmission, 15-minute SmartTimerâ„¢, #12 taper hub, manual bowl lift, stainless steel bowl, aluminum "B" beater, stainless steel "D" wire whip, aluminum "ED" spiral dough arm, stainless steel bowl guard, 1/2 hp, cord with plug


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(Refurbished) Hobart HL200-1STD 100-120/50/60/1; Bench type mixer; with bowl

Hobart HL200-1STD Accessories

Hobart BOWL-HL12 12 qt. BOWL-HL12
Hobart BOWL-HL20P 20 qt. BOWL-HL20P
Hobart TRAY-HL2012 Attachment Tray Support TRAY-HL2012
Hobart BBEATER-HL12 12 qt B flat beater BBEATER-HL12
Hobart 12KNF-STA/SH #12 Stay Sharp" Knife 12KNF-STA/SH
Hobart BBEATER-HL20 20 qt. BBEATER-HL20
Hobart DWHIP-HL12 12 qt. DWHIP-HL12
Hobart 12PLT-1/8S #12 Stay Sharp" Plate 12PLT-1/8S
Hobart DWHIP-HL20 20 qt. DWHIP-HL20
Hobart EDDOUGH-HL20 20 qt aluminum ED dough arm EDDOUGH-HL20
Hobart 12PLT-3/16S #12 Stay Sharp" Plate 12PLT-3/16S
Hobart EDDOUGH-HL12 12 qt aluminum ED dough arm EDDOUGH-HL12
Hobart EDOUGH-HL20 20 qt aluminum E dough arm EDOUGH-HL20
Hobart PPASTRY-HL12 12 qt. ""P"" Pastry Knife PPASTRY-HL12
Hobart CWHIP-HL12 12 qt tinned C wing whip CWHIP-HL12
Hobart VS9PLT-3/32SH 3/32"" shredder plate VS9PLT-3/32SH
Hobart PPASTRY-HL20 20 qt. ""P"" Pastry Knife PPASTRY-HL20
Hobart VS9PLT-3/16SH 3/16"" shredder plate VS9PLT-3/16SH
Hobart CWHIP-HL20 20 qt tinned C wing whip CWHIP-HL20
Hobart 12PLT-1/2S #12 Stay Sharp" Plate 12PLT-1/2S
Hobart SPLASH-LEX012 12 qt. Bowl Splash Cover SPLASH-LEX012
Hobart SCRAPER-HL20 20 qt bowl scraper & mtg bkt SCRAPER-HL20
Hobart VS9PLT-5/16SH 5/16"" Shredder plate VS9PLT-5/16SH
Hobart VS9PLT-1/2SH 1/2"" shredder plate VS9PLT-1/2SH
Hobart SPLASH-LEX020 20 qt. Bowl Splash Cover SPLASH-LEX020
Hobart CHUTE-HL12 Ingredient chute CHUTE-HL12
Hobart VS9PLT-13MMSH 13mm shredder plate VS9PLT-13MMSH
Hobart CHUTE-HL20 Ingredient chute CHUTE-HL20
Hobart VS9PLT-5MMSH 5mm shredder plate VS9PLT-5MMSH
Hobart 12PLT-1/4S #12 Stay Sharp" Plate 12PLT-1/4S
Hobart 12PLT-3/8S #12 Stay Sharp" Plate 12PLT-3/8S
Hobart 12PLT-5/8S #12 Stay Sharp" Plate 12PLT-5/8S
Hobart 12PLT-11/16S #12 Stay Sharp" Plate 12PLT-11/16S
Hobart SPLASH-SST020 20 qt. SPLASH-SST020
Hobart 12STF-HOG #12 Stuffer - Large 12STF-HOG
Hobart 12STF-SHEEP #12 Stuffer - Small 12STF-SHEEP
Hobart 12/22PN-SSTRND Round Grind Pan 12/22PN-SSTRND

Hobart HL200-1STD Reviews

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David F (Metairie, LA)
Verified User
August 20, 2021
We are very pleased with this purchase. The mixer is very useful, it's got great power and features. Experience with CKitchen was also amazing. A highly recommended product and store!
Recommended Product

Pros: Powerful, Quick and Easy to Use
Maurice J (Dallas, TX)
Verified User
April 13, 2021
The mixer is working as intended. We haven't had any problems, everything has been smooth. Customer service is also outstanding, made everything a breeze. Will order again should we need more!
Recommended Product

Ayleen S (Jacksonville, FL)
Verified User
November 05, 2020
Couldn't ask for more. It has everything we were looking for in a mixer. 5/5 quality, 5/5 performance, 5/5 design! Don't be afraid to order this one, you're not gonna regret it!
Recommended Product

Paul V (Dalton, GA)
Verified User
May 23, 2019
Probably the best mixer in its class. Power and speed are both excellent, and the quality of the mixer itself is superior to anything we've had so far. We had high expectations for this one and it still surprised us!
Recommended Product

Brandon F (Cambridge, MA)
Verified User
May 09, 2019
This mixer just completely changed the way we work in the kitchen. Everything is so much faster, we get so much food prep done in a short amount of time. We love it so much and use it as much as possible and we haven't had any issues!
Recommended Product

Kristina C (Fullerton, CA)
Verified User
December 16, 2018
Been using this for a while and even then it feels like I just got it with the way it runs. It's really good. We got a lot of use out of it at this point but it remains pristine. It's so fun and easy to use. Very very happy!
Recommended Product

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Hobart (Refurbished) Hobart HL200-1STD 100-120/50/60/1; Bench type mixer; with bowl
(Refurbished) Hobart HL200-1STD 100-120/50/60/1; Bench type mixer; with bowl