Commercial Ice & Water Dispensers

Commercial Ice and Water Dispensers Are Consolidated Stations That Save Space And Improve Profitability

Crescent Cubes

Crescent Cubes

Crescent ice is half-moon shaped ice that flows through liquid when poured to minimize waste and improve appearance through the glass.


Cubelet is perfectly chewable and has a flavor-retaining ability that allows customers to enjoy the ice as much as the beverage.
Full Size Ice Cubes

Full Size Ice Cubes

Full size ice cubes are slow-melting due to the solid build and small surface area, cooling drinks for a longer amount of time.
Nugget Ice

Nugget Ice

Nugget ice is soft, crunchy, and flavor-absorbing, perfect for making blended drinks and cocktails as well as ice bagging.


Air-cooled units are energy-efficient, less expensive to operate, and quick to set up in most locations.


Water-cooled unit maximize production in hot environments and produce less noise during operation.
Clear filters



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Ice & Water Dispensers

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Commercial Ice and Water Dispensers: Multitasking Champs

Commercial ice and water dispensers are some of the most important pieces of restaurant equipment. Every foodservice establishment needs to be able to serve fresh, cold drinks on demand! By combining ice maker and water dispenser functionalities in a single, low-footprint equipment, you can streamline self-service or back-of-the-house operations with minimal space.

Many commercial dispensers sit on a countertop for ergonomic use. They are easy to access and won’t take up any floor space in your restaurant, convenience store, cafeteria, buffet, or deli. They are also an excellent addition to any break room. Many units can be ordered with a stand if you prefer freestanding installation.

Despite the space-saving size, commercial ice and water dispensers are able to provide you hundreds of pounds of ice per day. The production capacity of countertop ice and water dispensers can range from less than 100 lbs all the way to 800 lbs! If you want an ice-only or water-only dispenser, you are sure to find units suited for your needs. There are actually manual fill ice-dispensers that you can supply with already-made ice. 

There are also commercial ice and water dispensers that are designed to accept modular ice machine head. This type gives you the versatility to choose and even switch the type of ice you can dispense. 

Commercial ice and water dispensers with built-in valves are perfect for high-volume production and are well-equipped for easier sanitation, making them excellent for self-service use. A lot of our self-serve units are very simple to operate and designed to reduce spillage risks.

Ice and water dispensers from CKitchen are made with high-quality materials to deliver excellent value for your money. From the easy-to-clean, durable stainless steel exterior to the smart and intuitive controls, you have all you need to provide ice and cold drinking water to your patrons.

There are also water filters and heat exchange systems designed to prolong the life of the commercial ice and water dispensers. These are must-have accessories that truly preserve the ability of the equipment to produce only the purest and best-tasting ice and water.

A wide selection of commercial ice and water dispensers to suit your every need

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a high-capacity restaurant water dispenser or a quiet, cutting-edge hotel ice dispenser, CKitchen has you covered!  

Commercial ice and water dispensers may be water-cooled or air-cooled. Water-cooled units produce less noise and don’t rely on ambient air temperature during operation. Air-cooled units are all about economical advantages and headache-free installations. If you’re not sure which unit is best for your facility, CKitchen is here to answer all your questions to help you make the best possible purchase.

We are home to some of the best ice and water dispensers from industry leaders! We have Scotsman, Hoshizaki, and Manitowoc ice and water dispensers that are surely going to exceed your expectations. Each brand uses unique dispensing systems on their designs to efficiently perform different types of applications and environments. We carry machines that are water-only or ice-only, available in both floor models and countertop styles, to suit your setup.

With unique features like built-in antimicrobial agents and an extra-strong exterior, you are in the best position to produce and maintain the taste and quality of your products! We have ice and water dispensers that can produce cubelets and nugget ice. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can always contact us to provide you the assistance you need throughout your selection and purchase process.

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