Commercial Dishwashers

A Must-Have for Any Food Service Business

No bustling food service operation will get far without a commercial dishwasher. These units ensure that your glassware and dishes are always clean and sanitary for your guests. Of course, this not only reduces your liability, but also keeps your customers happy and keeps negative reviews at bay. We have all the commercial warewashing equipment you need here!

CKitchen is happy to offer the guaranteed lowest prices, free shipping and easy financing on the commercial dishwashers for sale in our store. We’re authorized dealers of top dishwasher brands like Champion, CMA, Electrolux, Fagor and Hobart, so we’re well-equipped to help you find the right style. We’re also pleased to help you finance your commercial dishwasher, if needed.

Types of Commercial Dishwashers

There are a wide variety of commercial dishwasher types, with different features to consider. The three main categories in our selection are door type dishwashers, undercounter dishwashers and conveyor type dishwashers. Let’s look at all three to see which one is best for you. Door type dishwashers, also known as rack dishwashers, are usually small versions of conveyor dishwashers. Inner racks are loaded and then a door is closed for the cleaning cycle.

Undercounter commercial dishwashers work in a similar fashion with racks and a door on the front. However, these units are generally smaller, so they’re well-suited for tight spaces. As their name suggests, undercounter dishwashers are usually installed beneath the counter. Finally, there’s conveyor type dishwashers. These units are usually the largest, handling as much as 1,000 racks per day, so they’re ideal for busy, high-volume establishments.

Be sure to read our commercial dishwasher reviews on each page to see what our customers have to say about these top-notch warewashing units, and reference our guide to choosing warewashers for additional information.

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