Nugget-Style Ice Makers



Air-cooled units are easy to install and use the air around it for cooling and also exhaust warm air into the surrounding space.


Water-cooled units are ideal for operating in hot climates that require dependable ice production. The open-loop system requires a large amount of water whenever it's in operation.


Remote-cooled ice machines require a line set to be routed through the building to the exterior where the condenser and compressor are housed.
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A trusted name in the commercial foodservice industry, AMPTO offers a line of nugget ice machines designed for undercounter and modular use. If you’re looking for an affordable ice-making solution that can produce 300 to 600 lbs of fresh nugget ice daily, look no further than AMPTO nugget ice machines. 

CKitchen is proud to be a fully authorized distributor of AMPTO nugget ice machines. Let us know if you need any assistance in making your selection. We always strive to provide our customers with a positive shopping experience and the best deals for high-quality equipment. 

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