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Refrigerated Display Cases for All Foods and Budgets

Looking for a way to keep food fresh for longer while maximizing sales? A refrigerated display case is the answer! These units allow you to put all of your food on display for longer, ensuring freshness and lengthening the amount of time you can offer them to customers. CKitchen has an unmatched selection of refrigerated food display cases for many types of businesses, including delis, bakeries, convenience stores, grocery stores, cafeterias and more.

Otherwise known as refrigerated deli cases or bakery cases, these units are extraordinarily versatile. But there are some things to consider before you commit to a certain style. Of course, the size of your shop is the first thing to consider when choosing a case; If you have a small deli or convenience store and are looking for a compact beverage display case, then you won’t need a large-scale island merchandiser, for example.

Types of Refrigerated Display Cases

You should also consider the products you’ll need to refrigerate. For example, we have special meat, produce and seafood display cases that will help keep these kinds of foods fresher for longer. Usually, refrigerated display cases come in either gravity coil or forced air refrigeration types. This is an important facet to consider in terms of food as well. Forced air circulates cool air throughout the unit — which may dry out food when used consistently — while gravity systems allow the air to drop down naturally via gravity.

Special units, including island display cases and curved glass display cases, are also available for specific configurations. We know it can be intimidating to find the right display case for your business, so we’re always on hand to help you find the style that’s best for you.

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