Commercial Oven Buying Guide

 Commercial Oven Buying Guide

When choosing an oven its important to consider what type of foods you will be baking or cooking. 

Also you need to consider other things- How much are you making? How quickly do you need it done?

Do you need to accomplish more than one task (example : proofing and baking)

Common Ovens by Type of Food Operation

Bakeries use convection ovens.  Convection ovens circulate the heat inside of the oven cavity through a fan that blows hot air all around.

This equals faster baking time of sheet pans of cookies, cupcakes and other delicious goodies.
Combination ovens are another oven used in bakeries.  They are similar to convection ovens except they add the element of steam which can be used for specific baking recipes.
Bakers as well as Traditional pizzerias love Deck Type Ovens.  These ovens are known for retaining consistent heat which yields a crispy and delicious bread.  
They are the preferred baking oven for bakers making artisanal breads.  
Larger scale bakeries use roll in ovens where they can slide in a whole bun rack.  
Large pizza operations like the famous chain pizzerias use conveyor ovens which quickly and efficiently cook pizzas on a conveyor belt.
Bakers also find proofer + oven combinations very helpful and time saving.  
With a proofer you can cut down on the time needed for yeast to rise.

 Restaurants need ovens for a variety of foods. Roasting Meats, cooking casseroles as well as steaming vegetables.

Small and large restaurants benefit greatly from having commercial ovens.

Whether it is is a commercial Microwave Oven with significantly greater wattage and durability or a Rotisserrie Oven that cooks numerous amount of whole chickens, having a commercial grade oven is essential in food service.

Help with sizing your oven

Once the type of oven is determined then  you must determine the right sized model . 
For example pizza ovens can be as small as countertop units or as large as a conveyor belt.
The same applies for convection ovens, deck type ovens and combi ovens.
**We offer specification sheets that can help you determine the rate and volume of food production.
And if that does not provide enough clarity feel free to call us at 800-555-0666 and speak with one of your food service consultants.

 Gas or Electric

Almost always gas is less expensive when compared to electric.  However in some states that simply does not hold true.
Aside from a cost evaluation you have to consider what your space allows you to work with.
Do you have a natural gas line?- If you answered no then you will not be getting a Natural Gas model but rather a LP (liquid propane) model.
Are you choosing electric? If so make sure you know what power you run (voltage and phase) 

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