Portable Soak Sinks Can Help You Keep Your Produce Clean and Fresh

If you work in the produce department of a supermarket or small grocery store, you know that keeping your fruits and vegetables in top condition is of the utmost importance. When shoppers see dirty squashes, dented apples and wilted lettuce, they will be hesitant to shop your display.

In order to keep your produce thriving, it needs to be thoroughly washed. Other items, such as greens, also need regular watering so that they don't wilt and decay. One of the easiest ways to ensure that your produce is in the best shape is by using a portable soak sink.

A portable soak sink allows you to bring your water and washing materials anywhere they need to be, whether it's in the walk in cooler or right on the sales floor. Fill it up with water and a produce-friendly wash and use it to scrub away at vegetables that often have a little extra dirt on them, such as pumpkins, squash, potatoes and similar items. You could also fill your portable sink with plain old water and allow your lettuces and green herbs to soak for a while to ensure they're hydrated enough to last the night.

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