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Coffee Shop Equipment

Coffee Shop Equipment: Perfecting Every Cup

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Coffee Shop Equipment List
Coffee Shop Equipment List

One of the most important things you need to do as an aspiring coffee shop owner is to invest in the right equipment you need to brew the perfect cup of coffee and the perfect shot of espresso several times every day. Below is a comprehensive list of the most basic equipment you need for your coffee shop!

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Coffee Shop Equipment Recent Reviews
Kevin Scott
This coffee machine gives you a terrific cup of coffee. It does its job well and quickly. Looks great.
Calvin Richardson
What a wonderful find! This machine works perfectly and looks very nice. Excellent value for the money.
Mabel Torres
This machine is great for getting the perfect cup of coffee. Amazing exterior. Very well-built. Worth the price.
Nor A. Foster (Conyers, GA)
Amazing machine!! You just put the pod in and hit the button. No difficulties with using. Easy to clean up. You can make tea as well. Worth every penny.
Cortney T (Norfolk, VA)
The very best unit. Our guests compliment us all the time about the coffee taste. I like that it is so stylish. Thanks, CK, for the great service. No complaints.
Tara D. M (Saint Paul, MN)
This coffee machine is designed really well. The stainless steel is very durable, but also so easy to clean and not to mention very sleek. Would totally recommend this amazing unit!
Sam C (Lafayette, LA)
This coffee brewer was making coffee not long after it was delivered. It is very easy to use with a minimal learning curve. Love being able to program the perfect flavor profile. It came in flawless condition! Fast shipping + excellent customer service. 10/10 easy!
S Sage (Birmingham, Al)
This coffee brewer is fantastic. Its unusual design is very attractive. It performs very well, and the coffee itself tastes nice. Have no complaints. 5 stars from me.
Jeffrey J. M (Seaside, Or)
Great coffee machine. We had to change a few things around our space to set it up but it wasn't a big deal. The brewer itself is awesome, it works as intended.
Robson Ca (Beaverton, Or)
Small but mighty! It is super compact and can fit any kitchen. This machine makes amazingly delicious coffee. I use it daily and am very satisfied. Definitely, the best coffee machine I owned.
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Coffee Shop Equipment
Coffee Shop Equipment
Coffee Shop Equipment
Coffee Shop Equipment
Coffee Shop Equipment
Coffee Shop Equipment
Coffee Shop Equipment