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Commercial Ranges Buying Guide

Commercial Ranges are arguably the most important piece of equipment in the kitchen.

Since no two kitchens or food operations are alike it is important to consider several points before making a purchase.

Commercial Ranges Buying Guide

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Product Focus: Vulcan Ranges

In our ‘Product Focus’ blog series, we’ll discuss many of the industry leaders in commercial kitchen equipment, highlighting what sets them apart from the rest! In this post, we’ll delve a little deeper into one of the leaders in cooking equipment: Vulcan.

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Grilling Up Profits for Your Restaurant

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a trend towards healthier grilled items versus the traditional fried favorites. Even fast-food chains have gotten in on the grilled action by adding grilled versions of their standard fried lineups in order to please the masses - and to much success! 

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Should You Use Restaurant Equipment In A Home Kitchen?

You've been to culinary school, and while you were there you got attached to the quality restaurant supplies the kitchens there had you use. Maybe you're a professional chef, and when you go home you want to have the same amenities there that you do in your place of work. Should you have commercial grills, commercial ovens and commercial ranges installed in your home?

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Nothing Like Hotcakes Fresh From The Griddle

If you own a restaurant that specializes in serving breakfast and brunch items, you know that the key to making all your offerings taste great is having the right equipment and ingredients. Without them, your cooks would only be able to do so much.

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Commercial Ranges Recent Reviews
Edwin Carlsile
Great new addition to our line. Small and compact, but still very powerful and works very well.
A great range that best fit our needs and space limitations. Works better and seems to burn hotter and more evenly than our previous range. Very sturdy and durable. Highly recommended.
Neil & Sophie
So much space and so many great features with this range. This unit is quite easy to keep clean with the stainless steel construction. Recommended.
Delivered this item to a customer. He was very pleased and said he would be placing more orders in the future.
Pete Shaffer
This was our second range in just a short time. The last brand was awful. Hoping this one is better. So far, so good!
Purchased this Market Forge range when our old one was on its way out. Glad we made the switch. Couldn't be happier with the new one!
Bob Riley
Delivered this to a very satisfied customer. Thanks for the help.
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Commercial Ranges offers a wide variety of commercial ranges to choose from. Renowned for being one of the best commercial kitchen equipment & food service appliances distributors, maintaining the best prices in the industry and having one of the most beneficial customer service programs, is the only stop you will have to make to purchase your commercial cooking equipment products. Within our options of commercial range choices include: Add-A-Unit ranges, Countertop Gas ranges, Heavy-Duty Electric/Gas ranges, Restaurant Electric/Gas ranges, Stock Pot stoves, Wok ranges, Induction ranges and more. The makers that provide our customers with such a large and diverse collection to choose from include Garland, Vulcan, Montague, Turbo-Air and Cecilware. is proud to provide our customers with professional help including our certified food service equipment consultants and foodservice-educated sales team who are more than happy to assist you in finding the ideal range for your home or business.

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