Making the Best Burgers with Charcoal or Gas Grills

Making the Best Burgers with Charcoal or Gas Grills

If you're a hamburger aficionado, you probably have a preference for using either a charcoal or a gas grill. Charcoal adds a unique taste to meat that some cooks love, while others prefer the convenience and flavor that only gas grills can produce. Professional chefs may favor charbroilers, which give them all the convenience of an outdoor grill inside the kitchen. Whatever your preference, here are a few tips to achieving the best burger at your next barbecue or event:

  1. When using charcoal grills, temperature-gauging can feel like guesswork. To ensure the perfect cooking temperature (medium), light your coals 30 minutes prior to cooking. The coals should be ash-covered by the time you begin.
  2. When using a commercial grill that's gas-powered, turn the heat on high and keep the lid closed for about 10 minutes. Then, turn the heat down to medium temperature before you grill.
  3. Cooking on a charbroiler can be challenging but will reward you with a uniquely smokey and broiled taste that burger fans will love. For best results, use meat with less fat in order to prevent flare-ups and achieve great taste.

 No matter what cooking medium you prefer, you're sure to wow your guests with your next round of gourmet patties.


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