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Benefits of Purchasing a Dishwasher with Booster

Benefits of Purchasing a Dishwasher with Booster

Dishwashers are an integral part of any kitchen, whether it be in a restaurant, hotel, hospital, or correctional facility. On par with the topic of utilizing kitchen equipment to reduce staff costs, restaurant owners can also invest in accessory items to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial kitchen appliances. While many restaurants may not see the full benefit of investing in a booster heater, knowing what it can do you for you, your kitchen, and your restaurant as a whole may surely help give you the assurance you need to invest in this long-term money-saving machine. So what advantage is there if I purchase a dishwasher with a booster?

Generally the best results for clean dishes with fast drying time is a dishwashing machine supplied along with a high temp +180f degree hot water booster. This used to cost a lot of extra operating dollars to accomplish.  The appearance of unwanted residue is greatly reduced, as hotter rinse cycles clear away stubborn deposits, saving you extra dish cycles to get that clean result. Similarly, higher temperatures kill unwanted bacteria, leaving a noticeably cleaner result, as the typical chlorinated smell from a low-temperature washer is not present with high-temperature rinse cycles. This can come into play especially with dishes that are used close to the nose (think: wine glass) and with food and drink meant to be smelled (think: expensive wine!).

Can you fathom that the engineers at major dishwashing manufacturers have created the following energy and money savings scenario. These advanced model machines require only a domestic cold water connection. They will produce the hot water needed, kick up the water temp to the required to 180, capture the steam produced so there is none emitted from it into your restaurant, then use that heat to produce 110 degree ‘free' hot water that will feed right back into the booster. What this means to you is less water usage savings, less hot water producing energy = dollars savings and the elimination of exhaust venting for the removal of wet air or condensation into the air.

There is a very significant amount of dollars saved in yearly operating costs when you purchase this series of dishwasher. Many restaurant owners are off-put by the initial cost of a booster heater, not fully realizing the potential for financial gain in the long-run. Adding up the costs of detergents and rewashes due to low water temperatures leading to unsanitary washes and substandard results, the money saved after the initial investment of a booster heater makes up the difference tenfold! After a few years, the initial investment has been compensated, and capitalizing on instant lease prices can further help your business through the initial cost!

Consider this when a 60 seat restaurant can "keep your hard earned money your pocket". When looking at the benefits of adding a booster heater, they far outweigh the initial investments. Finding the right booster heater for your kitchen is as easy as measuring your existing dishwasher and matching it with the appropriate booster. Hatco Corporation has sizing charts available, but as a professional designer, I can help you find the right fit for your establishment.

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