Dish Washing Equipment

Dish Washing Equipment

Ware washing equipment is essential for maintaining sanitary conditions and to meet the health codes of your area. Outfitting your commercial kitchen with high-quality equipment and accessories is integral to attaining these requirements. Understanding the differences between the various dishwashing options and the supplies required to run dishwashers will help you maintain a safe and clean kitchen.

Commonly Asked Questions

? What is the difference between a high and low-temperature dishwasher?

Commercial dishwashers achieve bacteria-free wares either by using hot water over 180 F, or by chemical sanitation. High-temperature dishwashers require a booster heater that can heat water to the required temperature. Regular heaters are insufficient due to their 140 F upper limit. Booster heaters are bought separately and will accrue additional electricity costs.

On the other hand, low-temp dishwashers require you to add chemical sanitizers to a designated tray alongside detergent. Bacteria and residue are removed entirely, thanks to the caustic agents. For maintaining seamless operations with a low-temp dishwasher, replenishing your chemical sanitizer stocks is essential.

? What are the essential accessories for maintaining a high-temp dishwasher?

If you’re running a high-temp dishwasher, it’s important to supplement your system with these accessories:

Pressure valve
Monitoring water pressure is essential in maintaining a functioning dishwasher. Unregulated water pressure is hazardous and can damage the unit. Drain quencher: Several states have laws that restrict the release of water above 140 F into sewage. Outfitting a drain quench will temper the dishwater coming from a high-temp dishwasher measuring over 180 F, before being let off into the drainpipes.

Temperature Stickers
Temperature-sensitive stickers can be placed on wares that go through the washing process to ascertain the temperature of the water being used in your dishwasher. Different colors indicate temperatures ranges between 160, 170, and 180 F.

? What are the supplies required to operate a low-temp dishwasher?

Every low-temp dishwasher requires a range of supplies to run smoothly. These supplies include:

Dish soap
Dish soap is a prerequisite to squeaky clean dishes and shiny glassware.

Low-temp dishwashers require chemical agents to ensure all dishes are washed free of bacteria and meet the health standards of your establishment.

Water test strips
Paper strips sensitive to chemicals are used to determine the concentration of sanitizing liquid in each washing cycle. Sticking these strips to the insides of the dishwasher can help you verify optimal concentrations of chemicals. Different colors coincide with how concentrated the water is with chlorine or ammonia.

? Is it necessary to have a dishwashing sink?

Health departments in several states mandate the use of a three-compartment sink in a commercial kitchen. These systems are recommended whether or not your establishment operates a commercial dishwasher.

A three-compartment sink can be used to soak, wash and sanitize dishes and wares without a dishwasher. Accessories like pre-rinse faucets and drainboards can be outfitted at your ware washing station to expand the functionality and promote the ease of using a three-compartment sink system.

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Milton R (DUMONT, New Jersey)
love the brand my favorite.
Charles T (Cupertino, California)
We had an older model of this unit for 20+ years and were very satisfied with it. So when this one was ready to go, we replaced it with the current model.
John C (Pottstown, Pennsylvania)
Heater works great
Richard T (Broaddus, Texas)
Great Product and price.
Phil C (Ashford, Washington)
The jackson 10AB dishwasher had been in our restaurant many years prior to our buying the restaurant in 2001. We replaced it with the same make and model because: The unit fit the area without need to replumb/rewire. Our primary food vendor and the rep for the soap used in the 10ab, said it is one of if not the best dishwasher built.
Sharon L (Prague, Oklahoma)
TAKASHI T (Gardena, California)
this equipment was for the small restaurant but, for the future they will be expand more chain places in Manhattan. they haven't used it yet but, fast delivery and good service by Todd.
Harriett R (Davidson, North Carolina)
This dishwasher is being used in a church kitchen. It's easy to use and cleans quickly.
Andy C (Houston, Texas)
Just the one I wanted. Thanks!
Leo V (Hermosa, South Dakota)
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