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Charles T (Cupertino, California)
We had an older model of this unit for 20+ years and were very satisfied with it. So when this one was ready to go, we replaced it with the current model.
John C (Pottstown, Pennsylvania)
Heater works great
Richard T (Broaddus, Texas)
Great Product and price.
Phil C (Ashford, Washington)
The jackson 10AB dishwasher had been in our restaurant many years prior to our buying the restaurant in 2001. We replaced it with the same make and model because: The unit fit the area without need to replumb/rewire. Our primary food vendor and the rep for the soap used in the 10ab, said it is one of if not the best dishwasher built.
Sharon L (Prague, Oklahoma)
TAKASHI T (Gardena, California)
this equipment was for the small restaurant but, for the future they will be expand more chain places in Manhattan. they haven't used it yet but, fast delivery and good service by Todd.
Huynh N (st Paul , Minnesota)
Item missing one part otherwise everything is fine
Harriett R (Davidson, North Carolina)
This dishwasher is being used in a church kitchen. It's easy to use and cleans quickly.
Michael B (Roswell, Georgia)
Looks great with the new granite countertops installed!
Andy C (Houston, Texas)
Just the one I wanted. Thanks!
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