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Half-Dice ice is a great all-around option for everything from soft drinks to mixed drinks and is also relatively easy to blend in comparison to full-dice.
Crescent Cubes

Crescent Cubes

Crescent ice has a half-moon shape. This larger, rounder ice form is ideal for keeping drinks nice and cool for extended periods.


Air-cooled units are easy to install and use the air around it for cooling and also exhaust warm air into the surrounding space.


Water-cooled units are ideal for operating in hot climates that require dependable ice production. The open-loop system requires a large amount of water whenever it's in operation.


Remote-cooled ice machines require a line set to be routed through the building to the exterior where the condenser and compressor are housed.
Hoshizaki KMD-410MAJ 22.25" Crescent Cubes Ice Maker, Cube-Style - 400-500 lbs/24 Hr Ice Production, Air-Cooled, 115 Volts
Hoshizaki KMD-410MAJ 22.25" Crescent Cubes Ice Maker, Cube-Style - 400-500 lbs/24 Hr Ice Production, Air-Cooled, 115 Volts
  • FINANCE FOR: $60.88/mo.
  • Price: $3,170.00
  • Retail: $3,170.00
  • Your Price: $2,833.00
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Half Size Ice Cube Machines: Profitability In Versatility

Half cube ice, which is also referred to as half-dice ice, is almost always the ice type of choice for most proprietors, especially restaurant and convenience store owners.

The half cube ice is smaller than its full cube counterpart but is by no means inferior to it. In fact, this type of ice has a lot of tricks up its sleeves owing to its versatility and high ice-to-water ratio.  

It is the perfect size for most drinks. From blended beverages to mixed cocktails, the half cube ice is sure to transform a mere glass of refreshment into a full experience. It also has a unique rhomboid shape that never fails to elevate the presentation.

The half size ice cube is also preferred for ice bagging and dispensing. For this reason, half cube ice machines are everywhere, from restaurants and bars to delis, buffets, convenience stores, and many more foodservice and hospitality settings. You can pack more half size ice cube into a glass to provide better value for fountain drinks and cocktails. 

Half size ice cube machines come in several configurations-- countertop, undercounter, and modular-- and can produce 50 lbs of ice all the way to 2,000 every 24 hours. Modular units are paired with an ice storage bin or a storage bin with ice dispenser or ice and water dispenser combination. There are also countertop and freestanding half size ice cube machines with dispenser systems though.

Undercounter ice machines are perfect for operations where space is at a premium. These units are easy to incorporate in existing setups, especially air-cooled units, which essentially come in a plug-and-play design. Air-cooled half size ice cube machines are also cost-effective in that they require no extra water for power. 

Water-cooled styles, on the other hand, can be costlier to operate but they are more effective in small, hot or humid spaces in that they can maximize production capacity without having to rely on the ambient temperature.

Remote-cooled. half size ice cube machines are the ultimate space-savers. The condenser is independent of the unit itself, which means it can be installed in a separate room or the roof of your building. This setup also eliminates the noise that would otherwise disturb the ambiance of your establishment. 

For more information, be sure to reference our commercial ice machine guide, which will help you determine which model is most appropriate for your needs. If you have any more questions, you can always reach out to the CKitchen team.

CKitchen delivers only the finest half size ice cube machines so you can deliver exceptional service to your customers. We have a broad selection of products from the best of the best from top brands such as Manitowoc, Ice-O-Matic, Maxx Cold, Scotsman, Blue Air, and Hoshizaki. Expect top-of-the-line stainless steel construction and high-end features in each and every ice maker that are sure to optimize your operation for maximum productivity and profitability!

If you are looking for commercial ice machines that can produce nugget ice, flake ice, or full-size ice cubes, CKitchen also has an array of selections you will love.

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