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The Ultimate Guide to Eating in Restaurants with Children

The Ultimate Guide to Eating in Restaurants with Children

Cooking each night for your family can be exhausting, even if you’ve found easy kids meals that the whole family loves. Some nights, you may just want a break from cooking and enjoy eating at a restaurant with your family.

Are you ready to start bringing your kids to restaurants with you? This doesn’t need to be stressful. You simply need to keep certain tips in mind. By remembering these points, you, your children, and everyone else at the restaurant is far more likely to have a pleasant experience.

Check to See if There is a Kids Menu

Don’t worry if your children are picky. There are scientific reasons why children are more sensitive to certain flavors than adults. That means they’ll likely grow out of their pickiness as they get older`.

In the meantime, however, you could struggle to find something for them to eat at a restaurant if the menu caters more to adult appetites. Before bringing the kids along, check to see if a kids menu is available.

Contact the Restaurant to Learn When Children Are Welcome

Kids often get impatient if they need to wait long to be seated or served at a busy restaurant. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for restaurant owners to prefer that parents bring their children only at certain times of the day. Some restaurants become more adult-centric later at night. That’s why you should find out when peak hours are to avoid long waits. Also ask if the restaurant has a policy regarding when children are welcome.

There might also be hours when kid-friendly menu items are more likely to be available. For example, a restaurant that serves a weekend brunch with a limited menu might not be able to easily prep and serve items off the kids menu until later in the day.

Start Casual

Eventually, your children may be so well-behaved you can justify bringing them to fine dining restaurants with you. That said, their first introduction to public dining should not be somewhere fancy. Start off with casual restaurants that are generally more kid-friendly. If your child does get a little loud during their meal, they’ll be less likely to disturb others than they might be at a fine dining establishment.

Pack Distractions for the Kids

Some restaurants offer games or similar activities, like coloring, to keep kids occupied while you’re waiting to be served. However, you don’t want to assume this will be the case. Pack your own to make sure your kids have something to distract them. If you’re going to bring toys or activities, though, make sure they are relatively silent. A kid-friendly puzzle or coloring book is a much smarter choice than a loud mobile game.

Prepare Them

Let your kids know you expect them to be on their best behavior at the restaurant. Explain how they are to behave as clearly as possible. Although this may seem like a simple step, it’s an easy one to overlook. Preparing kids with a full explanation of the restaurant dining experience gives you the opportunity to set ground rules ahead of time.

You don’t need to hire a babysitter every time you want to eat at a restaurant after having kids. It’s absolutely possible to make this experience enjoyable for you and your family. These tips will help.


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