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5 Best Food Truck Ideas

5 Best Food Truck Ideas

Like brick-and-mortar restaurants, food truck designs, menus, and themes can influence the flow of traffic and interested patrons. One of the best parts about food truck ownership is one’s ability to get creative with a specific cuisine type and style, allowing for more unique flavor profiles. As food trucks become more competitive in their styles and selections, some trucks are coming out on top as customer favorites.

First, what makes a food truck capable of making the ‘best of-’ list? It’s a mix of innovative cuisine and interesting showmanship that tends to capture the interest and gain the loyalty of customers nationwide. Staff favorites and trucks praised local organizations are also taken into account. The concept for any given food truck is what will set it apart aesthetically, and it’s the execution of the concept that tends to capture the hearts and bellies of its customers. Here are five of the best food truck ideas on the streets today!

  1. The People’s Pig: This food truck is simplistic in design and delves straight to the heart of the matter of what they’re primarily selling. They stock their food truck with their own wood-fired mesquite commercial grill for a unique flavor profile, and all their meats are antibiotic- and hormone-free! Capitalizing on the trends of today (additive-free items) and favorites from yesteryears (meats) is what puts this favorite on our list of one of the best food truck ideas of today.

  2. Liba Falafel Truck: Ingenuity, flavor, and accessibility is the name of the game for this Amsterdam-inspired food truck. Tap into your customers’ desire for ‘have it your way’ style foods by investing in mobile catering truck equipment like condiment stations filled to the brim with fresh falafel toppings, and consider investing in bakery equipment as well to create fresh, out-of-the-oven pitas for one-of-a-kind falafels!

  3. GourMelt: You’ll find that on any street packed with food trucks is typically a food truck with a specialty in gourmet grilled cheese, so obviously the market for childhood favorites is really catching on with customers. GourMelt stands above the rest with their interesting and gourmet take on the traditional grilled cheese, offering guests even a taste of ‘sweet melts’ made with ingredients like peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, and the like.

  4. KOi Fusion: Korean fusion cuisine has never been hotter here in America, and  KOi Fusion’s chef Bo Kwon makes no bones about crediting the granddaddy of all things Korean food truck fusion, Roy Choi, for inspiring Kwon’s own West Coast empire. 

  5. The Cinnamon Snail: This full-on vegan and organic food truck knows what its customers want and takes no reservations when tapping into healthy trends. They’ve made sure to go the full mile by replacing their old grill with new mobile catering truck equipment that, ‘had never touched animal flesh.’ You can’t say they haven’t fully committed to their theme!

And those are just five of our favorite ideas! You can typically find versions of these at any food truck festival or gathering, so you know they must be doing something right. Customers, staff, and local business love them; is it time to consider one of these themes for your food truck?