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Food Stylists and Your Restaurant

Food Stylists and Your Restaurant

Whether you’re enjoying an evening out with colorful cocktails and the love of your life, or on a coffee date with your brother, everything needs a social media post these days. And that means your restaurant should produce aesthetically pleasing foods to photograph.

That’s where food styling for restaurants comes in.

What is Food Styling and Who Does It?

Simply put, food styling is preparing and arranging food in an attractive way that evokes pleasure through sight.

A food stylist is someone who prepares food with a stylistic touch for photographs and videos. This may include everything from creating the recipes and purchasing the ingredients to carefully basting a turkey every 2 minutes to create the desired result.

Professional stylists do this for companies such as restaurants or catalogues, creative consulting firms, and shopping networks.

Food Styling For Success in Your Restaurant

The Beauty Factor of Food

Enticing food will draw a crowd. There’s something primal about beauty and food.

The look of food can increase your appetite or decrease it, simply by its visual quality. The carefully crafted pizza with the perfect ratio of sauce to pepperoni to cheese is delicious, not the pie that appears to have been flung about in the back of the delivery truck over too many sharp turns.

The Social Media Impact for Your Restaurant

Social media helps keep businesses alive and thriving.

These days, even your Grandma has an Instagram account, and enjoys scrolling through the endless stream of cute kittens, amazing foods, and beautiful beaches their grandkids and neighbors are experiencing.

If you go through your Instagram feed, you will probably see at least twenty photos of food today.

Because of this mass appeal of food photography, food styling has become more important than ever in the restaurant business. Restaurant goers want beautiful food to display to their friends as an expression of both their latest culinary adventure and their social status.

Creating and regularly updating Instagram with your offerings, Facebook pages with images and backstories, highlighted ingredients with the end result on Flickr can all bring in more conversations and “shares,” and those bring more customers through your doors.

Of course, Pinterest is a whirlwind of posts that are photo-driven, and can increase your shareability and customer base. Pinterest (like the other sites) is saturated with images of all quality levels.

Apparently, using stylized photos of beautiful food will help you take the lead.

The Chance to Reveal Yourself

Whether your establishment is a fine dining experience or a local fast food joint that prides itself on the grease its customers wear home, your place has a feeling, a reputation, and a personality.

Food photography, with the right styling, can speak volumes about your restaurant’s atmosphere and flavors, even if the interior isn’t seen in any of the photos on your webpage.

Better Communication with Your Customers

Social media overall offers more chances for communications with your family, friends, co-workers and even those grade school acquaintances you bumped into at the grocery store a couple of years back.

Sites like Instagram and Flickr provide means with which to directly communicate with your customers through photos.

When you bring a new menu item to market, you have the prime opportunity to open discussions with your audience — your customers.

Telling the history of the ingredients list, the recipe itself or the source of the recipe, all through the imagery of your styled food can open doors into the Millennial intrigued with knowing everything behind a dish.

Your food is amazing — that’s why people eat at your restaurant.

Using photos of your beautifully plated food result in more user engagement and more conversations, as Instagram is now starting to become the “search engine” for restaurants and venues.

Food styling is essential for social media-ready meals, whether they’re on the plate for a photographer or on the plate of a Twitter fanatic.

With the right stylist, the right recipes, and the colorful or intriguing garnishes that help to draw the eye, your restaurant will benefit from going stylistic.