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What is Food Rethermalization?

What is Food Rethermalization?

Food Rethermalizing is one of the least known pieces of food equipment for consumers. Even people who consider themselves foodies may not be aware of how prevant food rethermalization in popular chain restaurants in the US.  

What is Food Rethermalization?

Food Rethermalization is the process by which prepackaged food that is either frozen or chilled is brought into hot temperatures safely and effectively. Food Rethermalizers can also be used for food holding.

What does Rethermalized Food Taste Like?
I know that this may seem unfresh or somehow conjure up images of a frozen tray being nuked to death. However this is simply untrue. Large chain restaurants surivive on portion control. 
They need to their be able to plate consistently delicious menu items that will satisfy large quantities of people on a daily basis. This is a difficult task and one that simply cannot be handled by a chef/cook and accompanying staff all on their own. The solution is to first cook fresh food at large industrial style kitchen. The food is then frozen immediately to preserve taste and freshness and is sent to the different restaurants. It is there that food rethermalizers safely bring the food product temperature up and they do so without the use of microwaves. The resulting food is delicious. So much so that customers would think it was just made to order for them.

How does a Rethermalizer Work?
A process of steam and heat within the chambers of the rethermalizer bring the packaged food up to temperature. Rethermalizers vary in capacity and are designed differently by manufacturers to accomadate different package sizes.