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Should You Use Restaurant Equipment In A Home Kitchen?

Should You Use Restaurant Equipment In A Home Kitchen?

You've been to culinary school, and while you were there you got attached to the quality restaurant supplies the kitchens there had you use. Maybe you're a professional chef, and when you go home you want to have the same amenities there that you do in your place of work. Should you have commercial grills, commercial ovens and commercial ranges installed in your home?

There are some pros to having commercial grade equipment in a home kitchen. Commercial ranges and ovens typically cost less than an equivalent professional-style home model. They also typically can produce more heat, and have finer controls for cooking, which if you're a professional chef could make a great deal of difference in the way your food comes out.

The downsides, however, create a more compelling argument. Commercial ranges often have only a on/off switch, rather than an electronic spark lighter, which uses more gas because of the constantly lit pilot light. This design can also be a liability if you have children, as turning the stove on and off is as easy as flicking a light switch.

Commercial ranges also need a matching commercial hood over, because the extreme temperatures that help restaurants make food more quickly also needs more powerful ventilation. Similarly, commercial ovens are rarely insulated as well as home ovens, meaning that unless you live in a constantly snow covered landscape, the heat will be uncomfortable for a personal residence.

The size of the commercial appliances is also a factor to consider. While home appliances are created to fit in an average kitchen, a commercial oven is much larger so that it can handle making multiple meals at one time. This asset in a restaurant kitchen could turn into an expensive eyesore in a home kitchen.

That's not to say that all restaurant equipment is bad for a home. Smaller appliances, like mixers, blenders, slicers and even dough sheeters can be of great use in a personal kitchen, it just depends on the skill level of the cook. The bigger appliances are the ones that can cause the most problems.

While there is a place in some home kitchens for commercial appliances, if the kitchen is big enough and equipped well enough, more often than not, a close equivalent from regular home appliances is a better choice.  

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