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Meat Preparation Equipment

Meat Preparation Equipment

Many operators choose to purchase meats in bulk to save on costs. While this can save money, the reality is that you will need to invest in specialty equipment in order to get the meat from bulk form into succulent tenderloins, ground burgers, or thick filets. Here are a few of our favorites from CKitchen.

Meat Saws

Saws help users to cut clean slices of meat from bulk form, allowing for both accuracy and precision in the slices. With different powers, blade sizes, and types to choose from, you can find a meat saw to suit any establishment. Whether you’re operating a smaller restaurant with only minimal meat preparation or a large butchery, a meat saw with security glove can cut down the time that you’d have to invest in hand-carving every piece of meat.


Tenderizers help to break down the tough, sinewy connections of cheaper cuts of meat, turning what could be a chewy slice of steak into a softer and more palatable version. Tenderizers are easy to operate and can be stored with other prep equipment. Just make sure your staff knows where to tenderize meats (so they’re not denting your thinner worktables) and how to safely clean up the area afterward.


After cutting your meat into filets and steaks, you’re likely to be left with smaller pieces that aren’t necessarily fit for the trash but also aren’t fit for plating. The best way to utilize leftover scraps is to run these pieces through a meat grinder for fresh-ground burgers! Mix the meats with different veggies and add-ins for one-of-a-kind burger recipes that will set your menu apart from the rest.  

Buying meats in bulk is a great way to save on the cost of purchasing ready-sliced pieces. Be sure to set your kitchen up to handle the workload with some standard meat preparation equipment!