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Meat Tenderizers Help You Make the Most of Your Product

Meat Tenderizers Help You Make the Most of Your Product

When evaluating which types of restaurant equipment you kitchen needs, you may want to consider a meat tenderizer. While not as integral as a commercial range, oven or grill, these handy pieces of equipment can make your meats taste great while preserving the strength and energy of your chefs so that they continue to perform well for the entire service.

meat tenderizers
Meat tenderizers help to make meats more tasty and easily consumable by pounding, massaging and flattening meat so that its fibers and connective tissues are broken down. This makes meat easier to chew, and also enhances the taste. It also saves chefs from wasting their valuable time doing it by hand, and frees them up to perform other tasks.

To get the most out of your commercial meat tenderizer, you can use it in conjunction with powdered tenderizers made from pineapple or papaya extracts. The citric acid in these products helps break down fibers even more thoroughly so that you get the best finished product.

Customers will appreciate the taste of well-tenderized meat, and they'll notice the extra effort you've put into creating their dishes. In fact, you might notice such a remarkable difference in the quality and presentation of your dishes that you're able to charge more for each item.


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