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Using Football 'Fan Engagement' Tactics for Your Restaurant

Using Football 'Fan Engagement' Tactics for Your Restaurant

About 65% of Americans enjoy football, and the season is just beginning. While this brings in a whole new wave of influences in the restaurant market, the sport itself also has a lot to offer in return. Football leagues keep their fans engaged, and it’s through the use of these marketing tactics that football still remains the highlight of the season. Use some of these ‘fan engagement’ tactics within your restaurant's own walls to reap the benefits of engaged customers as well! 

Make Your Product Accessible

The football leagues have made it so that no matter where you live, you most likely can get access to football games every Sunday so long as you have an internet connection. This high accessibility makes it so that fans can always stay tuned in, further emboldening their relationship to the product.

In the same way, your restaurant should try to reach customers whenever and wherever possible. This can include adding things like to-go menus, delivery, and catering but will also include other connections like social media. Make your product readily available, and make YOURSELF available as well to always be connected when a customer calls.

Embrace Social Media

As we’ve just mentioned, part of making your product accessible includes less tangible methods like connecting on social media. Embrace technology and use it to your marketing advantage. Many - if not most - of your customers are already online. Be sure that you’re there just as much as you would be if they passed your restaurant on the street every day. Connect, engage, and form relationships with your customers that you may not have the time or ability to do when they’re actually in your restaurant, and they’ll likely thank you with more loyalty for your company.

Constantly Improve and Keep Things Fresh

The way that football marketers work is to capitalize on trends and to keep the game itself fresh. You’ve probably noticed that not much in the sport of football has actually changed, but the way that it’s presented has evolved drastically. There’s more of an emphasis on improvements like commentators, and they keep every year fresh with new marketing tactics that focus on what fans want and demand TODAY.

Similarly, ensure that you’re constantly evolving to meet market demands. Shed new light on old favorites with different marketing tactics or different additions to keep the interest of your customers. Use mobile-friendly websites and such to connect with customers with the latest technology. Simply keep a close eye on the market and respond accordingly.

Cynthia Maier



Sales Consultant


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