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Grill Buying Guide

The word "grill" is an interesting word in the food service industry.
To some the word grill instantly brings image of the type of grill used to barbeque meats and veggies. To others it conjures up images of fried eggs and pancakes at a pancake restaurant.
Still others think of a delicious cuban sandwhich being pressed and grilled to perfection.

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3 Dessert Ideas for the Grill

Your commercial grill probably sees a lot of action at lunch and dinnertime, while griddles are typically reserved for breakfast items. If you don’t serve breakfast, then you’re likely reserving your grills for main course items across the board. But there are many desserts that can be made on your grill as well, and those sear marks that makes meats so tasty can enhance the flavor profile of your desserts too! Here are three dessert ideas to use for your commercial grill. 

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Tips for Keeping Your Griddle 'Like New'

For many breakfast-style eateries and other types of restaurant that use a griddle as a focal point in their kitchen, servicing their commercial griddle should be one of the top priorities. Indeed, a breakdown of this unit can close your shop indefinitely, so take care to follow a few of these tips when servicing your commercial griddle. 

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Grilling Up Profits for Your Restaurant

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a trend towards healthier grilled items versus the traditional fried favorites. Even fast-food chains have gotten in on the grilled action by adding grilled versions of their standard fried lineups in order to please the masses - and to much success! 

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Erica Compton
I've purchased Globe products for years and have no complaints. Just bought this panini grill and it is one of a kind. Still love the Globe products! Highly recommended!
Beth Kreitzer
Side by side feature is great. So much more output for increased sales. Heats up fast and cooks evenly.
William Grey
Very high quality grill. Love the convenient double grill feature and adjustable temp controls. Works very well.
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