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Your Step-By-Step Blueprint for Opening a Juice Bar

Your Step-By-Step Blueprint for Opening a Juice Bar

The summer season tends to inspire certain types of interests no matter where you’re from.

There’s plenty of opportunities to get in on the trends as a consumer and as an entrepreneur. Opening a fresh juice bar is a great way to provide a service during the summer. It’s an ideal option whether your clients are looking for a more health-oriented lifestyle, or just to grab something cool and refreshing during the summer months.

It can take some hard work, but with the right resources and plan in line opening a fresh juice bar is simple.

What to Keep in Mind

The model for a juice bar already exists, so the good news is that a lot of what you will need has already been done. With this considered there are two aspects which you must consider:

  • What is my juice bar concept?
  • What’s the step by step blueprint for opening a juice bar?

Finding the answers to these two questions is fundamental to opening your business, and a successful juice bar needs both answered and well thought out to be successful. A great concept without practical application is just another great idea with no foundation to stand on. However, a step-by-step process despite being grounded in typical juice bar structures remains just that – typical.

You need something that’s well-crafted with your own juice bar personality.

General Recommendations

As previously mentioned, there are many juice bars which have perfected the model. There’s no needs to reinvent the process, and even with your innovative touch these tips are still helpful and starting a functional business.

Physical Store

Choosing a location for your fresh juice bar is essential to your success and overall business model. Do you want to a brick and mortar location and the overhead that comes with that? What about a mobile juice bar in the form of a food truck or cart? This is an important decision to make not just for considering your costs, but also the culture of your business. The good news is that juice bars don’t require a lot of space, so ideally you could find a small property to begin.


Got juice? The machinery you’ll be using to prepare your fresh juice is just as important as the ingredients themselves. Once you’ve understood the type of fresh juice bar you want to open you can easily gift the proper equipment with manufactures, and can often find them at wholesale pricing if you purchase multiples.


Who are you serving? What is the climate not only of the region where your business will be but also for the community which you will service? You’ll want to find a place that is ideally located near health and fitness conscious areas, and it would help if you’re in a place where the hot weather calls for cool beverages.


Analyzing and understanding your competition and market is key to building any business, and certainly applies to open a fresh juice bar. If you’re a small startup, you may not want to set up shop where large juice bar chains locations. Unless you buy into a franchise you could be facing an uphill battle against the top juice bars, which can be mitigated with a bit of research.

Earning Opportunities

How much juice (money) can you get out after squeezing your concept into existence?

It’s a great idea to take an assessment of your investment in consideration of the all the previously mentioned recommendations. If you’ve still got the juice at this point, you could be ready to go!

It’s Just Juice, Right?

With all of these hard costs and factors considered, your concept and own spin on the fresh juice bar will be your unique selling point.

This ties heavily into understanding what the competition is already doing. You don’t need to redo a business platform that has already been proven, and you certainly don’t want a concept that can be found everywhere.

With the right niche, you can distinguish your fresh juice bar from even the most prominent of competitors. Your summer juice bar could be the new concept that juice lovers have been waiting for.