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How to Organize an Evening of Dining in the Dark

How to Organize an Evening of Dining in the Dark

Are you sick of doing the same thing every night for dinner? Do you want to do something more adventurous, but aren’t sure how?

You should try dining in the dark. This is the latest restaurant craze that has been taking over the nation.

What is a Dining in the Dark Restaurant?

It’s a restaurant where you eat in complete darkness. It’s a unique sensory experience. It allows your other senses to heighten, making you taste your food differently than before. It will make you focus your coordination skills because you need to find your utensils and then get the food into your mouth.

It also gives people the experience of being blind. This can give them more empathy to others.

This can be done in a variety of ways. One way is using masks. The restaurant will use low lighting so that it’s basically complete darkness for the diners. The diners can wear the masks for any amount of time. You wear it for a half an hour or throughout the whole meal.

Another way this experience can be done is to have the restaurant in complete darkness. The waiters wear night vision goggles so they can serve the diners.

If you are worried about your personal items, have no fear. You put them all in a secure locker before you go into the dining area.

How to Find a Dining in the Dark Restaurant

It shouldn’t be hard to find a restaurant near you. There is one in almost every major city. You should be able to look up if there are any restaurants near you. Reservations aren’t always needed, so you could be able to walk right in.

The Different Effects of Dining in the Dark

You would be surprised at how dining in the dark can affect you. People actually become more social when they can’t see each other. In some restaurants, people are sat next to each other on a long bench for this purpose.

Being in the dark gives an easy topic to talk about, like not being able to find your fork.

At the same time, it can make people extremely uneasy. Many feel like the walls are closing in and claustrophobia can kick in.

You could even start to doubt if your dining companion is listening to you. After all, you can’t see their face. You can be worried that your dining companion thinks you aren’t paying attention. You may find yourself making noises during certain parts of conversations to show you are listening.   

Then there is what happens to your senses. Your vision is your most dominant trait, so what happens when you can no longer see? People believe that half of the taste of food is done through vision. It’s called visual flavor.

The color of food gives us an idea of how ripe it is or if it is spoiled.

So being in the dark erases all our expectations of what the food will be. This could either enhance or diminish the experience depending on the person.

Either way, you end up unconsciously focusing more on taste and smell. You may notice more flavors on your tongue as you chew. Something could smell better than it ever has before.

Do You Need to Go to a Restaurant to Do This?

Because restaurants can be expensive, let alone one that is part of a trend, you might be wondering if you can do it yourself.

Well, you can. You can use masks or turn off all your lights to have the same experience. Just make sure you have all the food set out beforehand that way you don’t have to carry it in the dark.

That’s just an accident waiting to happen.

Try This New Experience

This is a fun way to dine that you should try. It may seem unnerving at first, being in complete darkness and trying to eat, but it can a lot of fun. Even if you do it once, you will get a whole new experience of eating. It may make you look at food in a different way for the rest of your life.