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Mixers Are the Important Pieces of Restaurant Equipment

Mixers Are the Important Pieces of Restaurant Equipment

Commercial food mixers can really change the way your restaurant is viewed. While some restaurant equipment is good for dedicated items, mixers are versatile machines, and can do many things for many foods.

The first thing that you should decide on when buying a mixer is the size you want. The purpose of the mixer can help you determine what's best for you. Large standing commercial mixers are good for creating large quantities of dough. This can be a good option if pizza is a big seller on your menu, as fresh prepared dough will make your pizza stand out compared to the competitors' frozen doughs.

Consider a mixer to create large quantities of bread dough as well. Fresh baked bread is a treat, and serving homemade fresh bread or rolls as a complimentary pre-meal dish can be a great way to make your restaurant stand out. Similarly, if your restaurant specializes in sandwiches, then fresh, homemade bread is a great way to get ahead of the competition while improving the quality of your meals.

Bakers may be be better off with a medium or small mixer, depending on the amount of batter they need to produce in a day. While a very large mixer may allow for quick production of a days worth of chocolate cake batter, bakers more often need to vary their recipes. The smaller mixers will allow for fast production of a batter, but still allow you to quickly clean it and use it again for cupcakes, or creating cookie dough. While the bigger mixers are good for making a large quantity of a single item, smaller ones are best for making a variety of items quickly.

Handheld mixers are good for many things, but are best when used for the little touches of a dish. They can be great for beating egg whites into a meringue, making a single serving of mashed potatoes or pulping the solid ingredients in a soup. The benefit of these mixers is your ability to constantly keep an eye on the action. most of these mixers also come with a variety of speeds, allowing you to be as precise as you want when making your meals.

Overall, mixers can be a useful and versatile pieces of restaurant equipment. Your business would be wise to invest in one.