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America's Food: 3 Ways to Cook a Hot Dog

America's Food: 3 Ways to Cook a Hot Dog

Americans spend over three billion dollars on hot dogs and sausages each year. Knowing this, it only makes sense that you would want to add hot dogs to your menu. Luckily, with the right equipment, hot dogs are very easy to cook and serve. In addition, the right hot dog equipment keeps hot dogs at a warm, safe temperature for human consumption.

Hot dogs can be made three different ways: broiled, grilled, or steamed. Cooking preferences are typically based upon region, so be sure to know the prevalent preference in your area before buying your equipment. Additionally, you must consider how many hot dogs you will need to prepare at one time, as hot dog cookers widely range in size.

Hot Dog Broiler/Rotisserie

Hot dog broilers cook the hot dogs in an over-and-under rotisserie-like fashion. The heat comes from one area of the machine, while the hot dogs rotate around this area in order to cook all of the sides evenly and consistently. Most hot dog broilers contain a built-in bun warmer placed over a water pan to keep the bun fresh. Broilers work for both full-service and self-service, and contain a pause button for easy hot dog removal or loading. The cooking time for broilers is approximately 15-20 minutes. Hot dog broilers are designed to function with minimal manual labor, but require the most clean-up of all of the hot dog cookers.

Hot Dog Grill

Hot dog grills also referred to as hot dog roller commercial grills, use heating elements inside of each roller to heat the hot dogs and keep them warm enough for consumption. One of the benefits of a roller commercial grill is that it offers accessibility from both sides, which may increase sales. Some commercial grills even have a bun drawer below the commercial grill that keeps hot dog buns warm and fresh until ready to be eaten by a customer. The cooking time for a hot dog is approximately 10-15 minutes on a commercial grill, making it faster and more efficient than the hot dog broiler. Unlike with hot dog broilers, the clean-up process with hot dog commercial grills is quite easy due to the removable grease drip pan. With proper care, hot dog roller commercial grills are known to be relatively worry-free and long-lasting.

Hot Dog Steamer

Hot dog steamers are the most common of the three different hot dog cookers because they are the most economical and the easiest to use and clean. Steamers also keep the hot dogs and the buns the freshest for the longest amount of time while inside the machine, because they simply use the the heat from the water to cook the hot dogs, prolonging their plumpness and juiciness. Although hot dog steamers are capable of cooking over 100 hot dogs and 20-60 buns at a time, they do have the longest cooking time of 20-30 minutes.

No matter what type of hot dog cooking equipment you decide to use, be sure to keep your equipment in good condition by cleaning it regularly and replacing the hardware and electrical components as needed. With the proper TLC, these hot dog cookers could last long enough to bring in quite the profit.