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Gas vs Electric Fryer

Gas vs Electric Fryer

For many, Commercial Deep Fryers are a keystone piece of equipment in the kitchen. Many fast casual and fine dining establishments alike make regular use of their deep fryer. They offer their visitors from crisping potato wedges to cooking chicken tenders. So, it comes at no surprise that choosing the right type of fryer for your restaurant can be pivotal. The age-old differences between gas and electric show no exception when it comes to fryers. So, choosing between the two can boost productivity and enhance efficiency in your restaurant’s kitchen.

Analyzing the differences that gas and electric fryers present can help you decide which one is right for your needs. Here are some key points to look at:

  • Heating Speed: As with many gas-powered heating items in the kitchen, it takes less time to reach temperatures and can typically achieve higher temperatures for a gas fryer than its electric counterpart.

  • Recovery Time: The time it takes to recover heat between cycles can mean a faster turn-around time for your fried items, giving you the ability to cook more items in faster succession. For this, electric fryers have the advantage.

  • Utility Cost: It used to be that gas was typically cheaper than electric, but recently, the cost of natural gas as soared, placing it at a disadvantage to its cheaper electric counterpart.

  • Efficiency: Electric fryers have a heating coil that heats the oil from within the pot which gas fryers have to heat the pot first and then the oil. Thus, electric fryers are more efficient.

  • Portability: As with all gas-powered equipment, a natural gas line will be required as a hookup, making it less portable than a simple plug-n-go electric unit.

While there are many differences between gas and electric, both styles can utilize the same types of pots (open-pot, tube-style or flat-bottom fryers). Choosing the right fryer can be easier to decide when you look at the key differences and match up what your needs will be and what fryer works best for those needs!


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