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Commercial Ice Machines Recent Reviews
November 11, 2015
To all my fishing buddy's...
November 11, 2015
works good
Luis P (Miami, Florida)
November 11, 2015
Good Quality ice machine
October 27, 2015
Manitowoc is still my favorite when it comes to ice-makers.I like the minor improvements that are applied to the systems performance. Easy to work on & a plus that the engineers think of the service tech & end user.
john michael
October 08, 2015
small and compact...perfect for our undercounter space. very pleased with the helpful customer service and fast delivery time.
Kenny Seagraves
October 08, 2015
Love the touchfree feature. Makes it much faster and easier in the kitchen. Very dependable product. Highly recommended for others.
Amanda Meyers
October 08, 2015
Excellent price for this unit. Lower than many others, and works great. Works fast and steady. Very dependable.
Morgan K
October 08, 2015
One of the greatest ice machines we've had in a while. It is small, but it still works just as well, if not better, than most of what's out there. Wouldn't trade this one for the world!
Eva Hebert
October 08, 2015
Perfect fit for our needs. Small, countertop model that doesn't take up too much space. Still works absolutely great. No complaints or issues so far!
Tim Johnson
September 21, 2015
Great quality equipment! Just what I was looking for. No issues with this product. Very pleased.
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