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Pineapple Coring Machines

Let Your Customers Peel A Pineapple At Just A Push of a Button With Pineapple Coring Machines

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    Next-Level Pineapple Coring Machines

    Pineapple coring machines are profitable additions to any other foodservice establishments looking to deliver a tropical experience to their customers. Taking pineapple peeling to a whole new level, these are essentially large versions of pineapple corers that can produce pineapple slices on the fly.

    Pineapple coring machines are essentially a supercharged version of the small kitchen gadget that is equipped with a sharp blade made of easy-to-clean stainless steel. This unit was specifically designed to cut your pineapple into pieces and even create pineapple rings.

    Juicernet was able to design a version that is super easy to operate so that your customers can do it on their own with minimal effort. Saving labor costs while increasing your sales, these machines can peel and core pineapples in a matter of seconds, giving your customers convenient access to slices of fresh pineapple at any time of the day!

    The machine goes through a four-step process with simple instructions that your customers can follow. It starts by placing a whole pineapple inside the tube, sliding the steel cover to conceal the pineapple, and then placing a container under the chute where the finished product will drop through. After pushing the dedicated button, your customer's part is done and it is time for the machine to deliver the freshly cored pineapple for your customers to enjoy.

    Customers can watch this exciting process unfold, improving the already unique experience. The fun entertainment it brings is as much a selling point as the convenience it offers. The vibrant design on these pineapple coring machines will surely turn some heads and attract more curious customers. This pineapple coring machine is perfect for supermarkets and many foodservice establishments.

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