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Middleby Pizza Oven Buying Guide - The BEST Pizza Ovens For Your Restaurant or Pizzeria

Middleby Pizza Oven Buying Guide - The BEST Pizza Ovens For Your Restaurant or Pizzeria

Pizzerias and pizza-delivery businesses have witnessed a surge in popularity. The reason is pizzas can deliver quality and quantity in a small package. Pizza ovens are an essential part of restaurants or pizzerias. Pizza ovens are ideal for making or preparing various pizza styles easily. 

In this blog, we discuss the best pizza combinations to choose from, popular types of pizza, how pizza ovens work, and a pizza ovens size guide.

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Pizza Ovens Size Guide

There are various Middleby Marshall pizza ovens you can opt for in your restaurant or pizzeria. You can opt for pizza ovens in various sizes. Ideally, you should purchase or opt for pizza ovens depending on the space in your kitchen. There is a negligible difference in terms of procurement cost and larger oven installation. You can opt for Middleby Marshall conveyor pizza ovens in 38”, 40”, 55”, or 70” sizes. With these commercial pizza ovens, you can bake multiple pizza styles simultaneously. 

Middleby Marshall 38” Pizza Ovens: Some Middleby Marshall ovens, like WOW! Impingement Plus ventless conveyor ovens come equipped with a 38” long cooking chamber. They measure 26” in width and 65” in length. Additionally, these come equipped with electronic controls and a stainless steel front. For smaller food service establishments or pizzerias, you can opt for Middleby Marshall 38” commercial conveyor style pizza ovens.

Middleby Marshall PS638E-V-CO Oven, Electric, Conveyor

Middleby Marshall 40” Pizza Ovens: A traditional impingement conveyor-style pizza oven comes with a 40” cook chamber. These traditional 40” oven sizes are ideal for small to medium-sized pizzerias or restaurants. The 40” Middleby Marshall pizza ovens come equipped with high-quality casters, electronic controls, and stainless steel bodies.

Middleby Marshall Impingement PLUS Conveyor Oven 

Middleby Marshall 55” Pizza Ovens: You can opt for redirect gas-fired, single deck, 55” conveyor ovens for large volume pizzerias and food service establishments. You can bake large or oversized specialty pizza styles for your patrons with these high-quality ovens from Middleby Marshall. These additionally come equipped with microprocessor-controlled bake time, reversible conveyor direction, and front-loading window for easy operations. 

Middleby Marshall Impingement PLUS Conveyor Oven

Middleby Marshall 70” Pizza Ovens: The WOW! Impingement Plus Conveyor ovens from Middleby Marshall come equipped with extra-large cooking compartments. These countertop, double-deck conveyor ovens come equipped with a  70” cooking chamber and measure 32” inch in width and 106” inch in length. These highly advanced conveyor ovens from Middleby Marshall have touch screen controls, a stainless steel front for durability, and high-quality casters for greater mobility. 

Middleby Marshall

Popular Types of Pizza Styles

There are various types of pizzas that you can bake for your patrons. With Middleby Marshall’s ventless conveyor-style pizza ovens, you can create various kinds of delicious pizzas for your patrons. Here we list some popular pizza types that pizza connoisseurs prefer. 

  1. Margherita Pizzas: Margherita pizzas are widely popular across the world. With Middleby Marshall’s WOW! Impingement Plus Conveyor Ovens, you can create traditional Margherita pizzas with thin crusts, fresh tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil. 
  2. Pepperoni Pizzas: With Middleby Marshall’s range of high-quality commercial pizza ovens, you can create delicious pepperoni pizzas for your patrons. With Middleby Marshall ventless cooking solutions, you can cook pepperoni pizzas 40 to 50% faster than traditional conveyor-style pizza ovens. 
  3. BBQ Chicken Pizza: BBQ chicken pizza is a unique pizza style popular among millennials. With high-volume Bakers Pride Y-series pizza ovens, you can serve BBQ chicken pizzas in school, office, or college cafeterias. These high-quality pizza ovens provide versatility, consistency, and durability.
  4. Hawaiian Pizzas: Hawaiian pizzas come with a special but controversial ingredient: pineapple. Most Hawaiian pizzas have ham, cheese, and tomato sauce. Hawaiian pizzas have a sweet and savory flavor and are highly popular across the country. The Doyon Trio ventless oven is the perfect equipment to make or bake Hawaiian pizzas in your restaurant or pizzeria. The three rotating decks made from perforated nickel are ideal for cooking a Hawaiian pizza evenly from all sides. These units also come equipped with a reversing fan that allows you to cool the toppings or top-layer of ingredients to create the perfect Hawaiian pizza.
  5. Meaty Pizzas: Meaty pizzas are perfect for meat-lovers. Meaty pizzas have pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, and ham. With the  Turbochef DoubleBatch pizza ovens, you can create delicious meaty pizzas for your patrons. They provide short cook times for a great turnaround time for meaty pizzas. You can also select your cook time and other settings from the preset menu selection option. You can cook two or more meaty pizzas with the twin independent cavities simultaneously. 
  6. Deep Dish Pizzas: Also known as the Chicago-style pizza, deep dish pizza gets its name from the pan in which it’s baked that creates its high edges. This provides ample space for a lot of cheese, chunky tomato sauce and sausage. No oven handles deep dish better than a Blodgett deck oven. Even Chicago pizza legend Marc Malnati, owner of Lou Malnati’s can attest, “Blodgett ovens give us the best results and they don’t dry out our product,”
  7. By-the-Slice Pizza: Convenience stores can benefit from high-quality pizza ovens from Star, significantly increasingconvenience store profit margins. The Star Star UM1833A Conveyor come in a compact countertop design and can product pizzas up to 18 inches.


The Best Pizza Combinations

There are various pizza styles or pizza combinations to choose from for your pizzeria or foodservice establishment. With Turbochef high-end conveyor style units, you can cook various traditional or contemporary pizza styles for your patrons. Here we list popular combination pizzas that you can offer at your restaurant or pizzeria:

  1. Hot Wing Pizza: Hot wing pizza is a contemporary pizza combination or pizza style. Chicken pizza is served with buffalo sauce, blue cheese, and bacon in this particular pizza combination. 
  2. Pepperoni and Sausage Combo Pizza: The pepperoni and sausage combo pizza is a traditional pizza style, where you can serve crisp pepperoni with tender sausages. You can serve various sausages to your patrons. 
  3. Supreme Pizzas: Supreme pizzas are a combination of various ingredients. You can create a superior combination with veggies or meat. To a supreme pizza, you can add pepperoni, sausages, peppers, pickles, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and other ingredients. 

With the TurboChef Fire series of high-end pizza ovens, you can serve various traditional and contemporary pizza combinations or pizza styles. These come equipped with ventless cooking options that keep the kitchen air clean. The TurboChef series from Middleby is perfect for small to medium-sized pizzerias or restaurants. 

Turbochef DoubleBatch

How Do Pizza Ovens Work

Pizza ovens cook or bake pizzas with radiant, conduction, or convection heat. These three primary types of heat exchange work simultaneously to provide a distinct taste or texture. 

  1. Radiant Heat: The radiant heat comes from the actual heat or the heated surface. The heat is similar to a traditional oven broiler. 
  2. Conduction Heat: In conduction heat, the heat is transferred between the substances in contact with each other. For example, the heat from the base of the cooking floor of the oven directly heats the pizza from below.
  3. Convection Heat: Convection heat is derived from the heated air that circulates in the pizza oven. In most traditional pizza ovens, you can control the convection heat by opening or closing the pizza door depending upon your needs. 

Contemporary conveyor-style ovens are highly efficient and bake pizzas in a short period. Middleby Marshall conveyor-style pizza ovens incorporate cutting-edge heating technologies. These conveyor-style pizza ovens are durable and can withstand hours of continuous usage. Middleby Marshall pizza ovens allow users to control the airflow inside the pizza cooking chamber to get the desired pizza style. Middleby Marshall uses patented aerodynamic heat movement and variable airflow technology for a hassle-free cooking process. 

Middleby Marshall is an industry leader in commercial cooking equipment. They have revolutionized commercial cooking through high-quality commercial conveyor ovens perfect for high-volume food service establishments. 


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