Portable Catering Equipment

Catering adds another dimension of service capabilities for restaurants opting for this route. But with catering, restaurant owners are required to invest in additional pieces of equipment in order to keep products at safe temperatures as well as for preparation off-site. If you’re looking into catering or wanting to review your catering equipment to see if it fits your needs, here are some pieces of portable catering equipment to keep in mind. 


Many pieces of equipment that are traditionally used as stationary units within your restaurant kitchen are also available in portable models that are perfect for catering. Just be sure that you’ve got an available outlet for these units if they’re electric or that you’re bringing canisters of gas for natural gas-sourced units. Check out some of the following:


Many kitchens who don’t wish to invest in equipment for food preparation off-site choose to cook the items within the confines of their brick-and-mortar kitchen and then transport products in appropriate holding cabinets.

  • Hot Food Holding Cabinets


You don’t need to simply deliver food for catering - in fact, you can create a restaurant experience with the right equipment:




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