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10 Things To Avoid When Purchasing An Ice Machine For Your Business

10 Things To Avoid When Purchasing An Ice Machine For Your Business

The success of food service establishments depends on purchasing the right equipment. Ice machines are an integral part of commercial food service establishments. Even though there are many good-quality ice machines available in the market, purchasing the right model of commercial ice machine according to your business needs can be tough. Always research the capacity, size, power consumption, maintenance cost, warranty, and after-sales service before purchasing a commercial ice machine. With ice machines, you can quickly deliver chilled cocktails, smoothies, and beverages to your patrons. 

In this article, we discuss the common mistakes to avoid while purchasing an ice machine for your business.

what should i know before buying commercial ice machine

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Purchasing a Commercial Ice Machine

Here we list down some common mistakes you can avoid while purchasing a new commercial ice machine:

An ice machine that does not work with your plumbing: Always check the ice machine-plumbing fit before making a purchase. 

The wrong type of ice machine: Ice machines come with various condenser types; choosing the right condenser type depends on your needs. 

Wrong size of machine: Never purchase a commercial ice machine that is bigger than the available space and delivers less ice than required.   

High-maintenance commercial ice machine: High-maintenance machines will burn a hole in your pocket. Purchase a machine that is affordable and low on maintenance. 

An ice machine that isn’t secure: Ice machines are vulnerable to contamination and theft. Many outdoor ice machines can be a target for thieves because of the high-value condensers, chips, and systems inside an ice machine. 

What Should I Know Before Buying a Commercial Ice Machine?

There are various ice maker models in the market. You will be spoilt for choice when finalizing a high-quality commercial ice machine. Here are some things that you should avoid before buying a commercial ice machine: 

Purchasing a Commercial Ice Machine That is Incompatible with Your Plumbing

Commercial ice machines need a consistent supply of water. Always purchase an ice machine that is compatible with your plumbing. Consider the position of the floor drain, the quality of the inlet valves, and the container that collects excess water before making a purchase. Additionally, go through local building codes and the quality of the existing plumbing. 

Purchasing the Wrong Type of Commercial Ice Machine

Commercial ice machines are designed to produce ice quickly in short periods. Most high-quality ice machines can deliver ice consistently during peak hours in a hassle-free manner.  Here, we have listed the various types of ice machines that are essential for businesses:

Undercounter Commercial Ice Machines: Most undercounter commercial ice machines come equipped with a storage bin. Undercounter ice machines are designed for standard-sized counters and can produce hundreds of lbs of ice per day. Undercounter commercial ice machines are ideal for restaurants, bars, and hotels. 

Countertop Commercial Ice Makers: Most countertop commercial ice makers are designed for kitchen and bar countertops. Countertop ice makers are ideal for small food establishments with limited space for larger models. These commercial ice makers can produce more than 300 to 400 pounds of ice per day. Countertop ice makers are perfect for restaurants, cafes, diners, and kiosks. 

Modular Commercial Ice Machines: Modular commercial ice machines are also known as ice machine heads. They are designed for the top of ice machine bins. Most modular commercial ice machines produce up to 1000 pounds of ice per day. Modular ice machine units are ideal for large cafes, diners, restaurants, and foodservice establishments.

what should i know before buying commercial ice machine

Purchasing A Commercial Ice Machine That Cannot Produce Enough Ice for Your Needs

Purchase a commercial ice machine that can fulfill your high-volume needs. Check the available space in your kitchen and establishment, energy needs, and water consumption before finalizing your commercial ice machine. 

Not Cleaning And Maintaining Your New Commercial Ice Machine

Maintaining and cleaning a new commercial ice machine is essential. Always check water filters, descalers, and air filters during maintenance. The ice quality and taste improve exponentially if you periodically keep the commercial unit clean. Also, prevent the accumulation of limescale and sanitize the bin before usage. Additionally, ice machines are dark and damp from the inside and can become a breeding ground for mold. Mold can cause throat and respiratory irritation. Bacteria can also affect ice machines through water supply and other sources. Legionella is a bacterial disease that predominantly affects ice machines over time. So, it is highly essential to clean and maintain ice machines thoroughly.  After cleaning and maintenance, a commercial ice machine needs to go through twin ice production cycles to produce hygienic ice. 

Avoid Purchasing a Commercial Ice Maker with the Wrong Type of Condenser

Selecting a condenser unit for your commercial ice maker is highly essential. Choose from a variety of condenser types for your high-quality commercial ice maker: 

Ice Makers With Water Cooled Condensers: Water cooled condenser ice makers are perfect for small spaces. They can be outfitted to your plumbing in your commercial establishment. Water-cooled condenser ice makers are ideal for hotter regions between 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, they also work well in dusty and polluted areas. 

Ice Makers With Remote Cooled Condensers: Ice makers with remote cooled condensers operate silently. These units produce lower noise levels than water-cooled condensers and regular air-cooled condensers. The remoted cooled condensers come with an air-cooled condenser separate from the interior unit. Most remote cooled condenser units are used in areas where water is scarce.  

Ice Makers With Air Cooled Condensers: Air-cooled condensers are more affordable than other condenser types. Air-cooled condenser units need 6 to 7 inches of air intake and discharge space. These air-cooled ice makers use ambient air to make ice. These units can work without an external source of water. 

 what to consider when buying a commercial ice machine

What to Consider when Buying a Commercial Ice Machine

Choosing a suitable commercial ice machine is essential for restaurants, smoothie places, bars, pubs, and clubs. The type, style, configuration, and size of the commercial ice machine will depend on your business needs. 

A commercial ice maker is a high-value purchase. Before finalizing your purchase, check if the commercial ice maker can keep up with demand, comply with existing plumbing, be compatible with local healthcare codes, and be easily maintained. These will help you keep the running costs low and deliver ice consistently.