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Cake Decorating Basics

Cake Decorating Basics

For bakeries, creative desserts are old hat; for restaurants, the story may be quite different. In light of this fact, many restaurants opt to spend their creative efforts in designing dessert menus around pre-made items ordered in bulk, catering to the customer and delivering a reasonable sweet selection. For upscale or even standard dine-in eateries, desserts made in-house are becoming more popular, tending to customers’ desires for homemade and locally-sourced items. While taste certainly matters, so does the setup! Your chefs should have a well-rounded knowledge of basic cake decorating techniques, tools, and tips.

Stock Up!

Cake decorating requires few tools, but they’re essential nonetheless. Depending on how intricate you plan to get with your techniques, you may need to purchase more than these staples:

  • Icing Spatula

  • Scrapers

  • Decorator Tips and Comb

  • Frosting Bag

Frosting bags can be purchased in disposable or reusable forms, so consider whether or not you’re willing to spend time cleaning bags or whether you’re planning to simply throw them out after use.

Train Chefs

Once you’ve stocked your kitchen with the essentials, it’s time to train your chefs on how to decorate the most basic of cakes. They’ll need to know how to ensure that their cakes come out of the oven flat (or they’ll have to shave off the domed tops, creating excess cake waste), how to insert fillings, and how to frost a cake for a smooth, clean look! Check out this short tutorial from Fab Foods to get started. From there, they can create a variety of designs and textures to satisfy any occasion.

An important aspect to training your chefs on cake decorating comes in to play when you plan to sell cakes whole rather than by the slice. You’ll likely start to receive orders for written text on the cake such as a ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Get Well’ message, and a sloppy writing job can ruin an otherwise perfectly decorated cake. It’s a small bit of extra training that can have a huge impact!

Get Creative

Once you’re stocked and chefs are trained, foster creativity! Cakes are not only tasty, but they can be absolutely beautiful. A well-decorated and displayed cake can do wonders for boosting your dessert menu profits, so keeping chefs trained and working ‘in the field’ will help to promote unique cake creations.


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