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Ice Machines Are a Barista's Best Friend

Ice Machines Are a Barista's Best Friend

For caffeine addicts, the warmer weather means one thing: it is time to hold a giant plastic cup of iced coffee. When it's hot outside and you're on your way to work, sweating in business attire, the last thing you may want to deal with is a piping hot Styrofoam cup consisting of your morning cup of joe for the day. To serve all the zombie-eyed customers, baristas must stay on top of their production of not only the coffee, but the ice, to provide that chilled satisfaction.

Ice can come and go faster than you might think. For this reason, an commercial ice machine -  like the Manitowoc  - is an essential piece of restaurant equipment. Whether baristas are serving regular iced coffee or specialty lattes, there is an endless need for ice.
Your commercial ice machine should be fast and efficient. Depending on your restaurant, consider how many pounds of ice you need each day, and how much internal storage you require.

Making cold drinks is only one of the many applications of such a machine - ice often comes in handy. For instance, if a kitchen worker gets injured from bumping into the side of a counter, there will be ice available to place on the injury site to keep the swelling down. Commercial ice machines are also considered an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic ice trays, which take up room in your freezer and can get recycled into something more useful. 


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