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Fryer Filtration

Fryer Filtration

Fryers can be pivotal for your restaurant’s kitchen, acting as the backbone to your appetizer and entree menus. With uses across the board, ensuring that you’ve invested properly in your Commercial Deep Fryer is key to extending its longevity. While maintenance of the Commercial Deep Fryer itself is important, many overlook the benefits of investing in a filtration system for your Commercial Deep Fryer’s oil! With long-term cost benefits as well as a multitude of quality control benefits, purchasing a filter for your Commercial Deep Fryer is an investment worth making.

Extend the Life of Your Oil

The oil you use in your Commercial Deep Fryer can be reused a multitude of times, depending on what you’re frying and how often you fry foods. Getting the most out of your batches of oil will help to reduce the cost of purchasing new oil and thus help your bottom line. Fryer filtration systems clear your oil of debris that has been left behind from foods that have been fried. If left unchecked, these bits and pieces can become cooked and ruin the quality of your oil. Unfiltered wastes eventually burn into carbon which then breaks down the oil, making it brown and quicker to smoke. Rather than replacing the oil, running it through a filter can extend the life!

Improve Food Quality

As solids and wastes such as breading, batter, and proteins build up on your oil over time, any foods that you fry in the old oil will pick up the tastes and textures of these leftover bits. The older the unfiltered oil, the more likely the quality of your foods will diminish. When you run your oil through a filtration system, you effectively remove these solid waste products, clearing the way for a clean batch of oil for your fried foods! Nobody wants their fried meal peppered with old wastes from foods that came before. Your customers will thank you for filtering your oil.

Reduce Storage Needs

If you’re constantly having to replace old oil rather than simply filtering it, you’ll have to consume more storage space for your constant need for fresh oil. By investing in a filtration system, you free up storage space for other items - and we can all attest to the importance of using every inch of storage space wisely!

Quicker Frying Times

As carbon builds up in your unfiltered oil, the oil breaks down and is quicker to smoke. When you filter your oil, the result is a prolonged life of efficient start-up times and better heating results.

At the end of the day, the savings of a filtration system far outweigh the cost of the initial investment.

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