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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Commercial Refrigerator

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Commercial Refrigerator

Commercial refrigerators are a staple in most professional kitchens. The space and cooling power they provide is needed for the storage required to run a restaurant smoothly. Still, even with the holding capacity of a walk-in refrigerator, it can be easy to lose track of supplies and run out of space due to disorganization.

You can solve both of these problems with proper organization of the items kept in the refrigerator. A good plan is too look through your walk-in on a regular basis and make sure that everything inside absolutely needs to be there. You may be able to get some items like vegetables delivered fresh every day, both improving the quality of your food and freeing up space.

Another helpful plan is to create an organizational system. A common means of keeping the walk-in neat is to group foods, such as a meats section, a dairy section and a fruits and vegetables area. Another option is keeping recipes together by placing all items needed for a particular dish in the same area so when a chef needs to make that item, everything is in one place. It's also important to remember health and safety guidelines here, as keeping food from being contaminated by raw meats is important.

You should also make sure to use every available inch of space you can. Invest in a few new pallets to keep sealed items like cans, cartons and boxes below the shelves and out of the way of foot traffic. You may also consider buying a few standing storage racks and wheeling them into the refrigerator to add removable extra storage space when you need it.

Commercial refrigerators can also be used to improve your dishes. Many proteins need to be frozen to store in order to keep them from going bad quickly. Defrosting these meats can be a damaging process. If you use a microwave you run the risk of cooking portions of the item and removing much of the water and juices which can result in a bland food item. Taking the item out of the freezer and letting it sit for a few hours is a better way to defrost, but kitchens are often hectic places that need the space. Using the extra storage space a commercial refrigerator provides can allow you to defrost the meat while keeping it cool and out of the way.