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Hoshizaki Ice Machines Are Great for Any Establishment

Hoshizaki Ice Machines Are Great for Any Establishment

If you work in a commercial kitchen, coffee shop, hotel or any other business that benefits from having fresh crushed ice on the scene, you should consider purchasing a Hoshizaki commercial ice machine. Hoshizaki offers free shipping as well as a free water filter system, so you know your patrons will be provided with only the finest quality ice.
When it comes to commercial ice machines, there are many options. You can find a machine that deals exclusively in cubes, or a machine that will create ice flakes and nuggets. These types of machines can be tremendously useful for facilities that serve beverages that include blended ice, such as smoothies, slushies and even mixed alcoholic beverages.

You can find machines that make ice on demand or are always filled to the brim. You can even get a separate ice bin to hold all of the ice you've made in preparation of a busy night or special event.

Hoshizaki has been delivering only the finest quality commercial ice machines and restaurant equipment for decades. You won't regret a purchase with Hoshizaki.



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