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How Walk-In Units Can Help Your Restaurant to Be More Economical

How Walk-In Units Can Help Your Restaurant to Be More Economical

Walk in coolers and freezers are among the best and most essential pieces of restaurant equipment. Unfortunately, many restaurants try to get away with sole reliance on reach-in and undercounter units. While these can be useful for helping cooks access common ingredients quickly, they don't provide the same economic value and convenience as walk-in units.

Walk in coolers and freezers help restaurant owners save money by allowing them to purchase meats, produce and other perishable items in bulk, which has a lesser cost than individual purchases. Meats can be safely stored in walk in freezers for several weeks, and produce will last longer when stowed inside the cooler instead of a pantry shelf. Over time, these savings really add up.

While walk-in units may not be as compact as reach-in and undercounter units, they can actually help you save storage space in your kitchen by freeing up the areas under counters so that you can store your pans and other common restaurant supplies. They 're also out of the way, so you won't have to worry about hazardous kitchen collisions that might occur when cooks have their faces buried in reach-in units.

Try installing walk-in units in your restaurant today and see what a positive change they can make.


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