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Smallware - Handy to Have or Essential Restaurant Supplies?

Smallware - Handy to Have or Essential Restaurant Supplies?

One of the biggest challenges facing owners who need to stock up on restaurant supplies is deciding which items are necessary and which would just be sort of nice to have. Unless you're working on an unlimited budget (and, these days, who is?) you're probably in the position where you need to stock up on the former and pick and choose a bit more carefully from the latter.

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So which supplies are essential and which aren't?

Items like pots, pans and baking sheets are important, as are cookware pieces like tongs, spatulas, whisks, hamburger turners and piercing forks. Pastry brushes are also essential if your establishment serves lots of breads and baked goods. High-quality knives are another restaurant must-have, and should be sharpened every few weeks by a professional. Cutting boards are necessities as well, unless you plan on replacing your counter tops every year.

Items like insets, carafes, gravy boats and creamer jars are nice to have, however if you're on a tight budget you can do without them. Just make sure that whatever you decide to invest in, you choose high-quality products that will last for years. That way, when the next ordering season comes around, you'll be free to invest in new nice-to-haves, instead of constantly replacing old essentials.


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