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How Your Equipment Affects Your Food’s Flavor, Yield, and Your Bottom Line

How Your Equipment Affects Your Food’s Flavor, Yield, and Your Bottom Line

Restaurant equipment does more than simply cook food - it can affect your food’s taste, yield, and your bottom line profit! With so many types of commercial equipment available, it’s difficult to sort out what’s best for your restaurant. While our design team can make your job a little easier, here are a few pointers to keep in mind about the effects of the equipment you choose on the food you prepare and how it can influence your profits.


Perhaps the most customer-focused aspect of the effects of your kitchen equipment on your food involves flavor. Infrared broilers are a great example of how a piece of equipment can directly influence the taste and texture of your food! An infrared broiler radiates a sheet of heat rather than using a rod or perforated pipe like its electric/gas counterparts. The result is an interesting array of cooking benefits. Meats are crispier with a seared surface, creme brulees can be cooked in ramekin batches, brown multiple loaves of bread, and cheese can be melted on several crocks of soup at once!


Combi-Ovens are the perfect example of how your equipment can directly affect the final yield of your product. Hobart - one of the top brand makers of combi-ovens - describes the process perfectly, ‘The true benefit of a combi oven is it  controls the humidity inside its chamber, maintaining exactly the desired atmosphere, reducing shrinkage and weight loss while also improving cook times and results.’ At the same time, the combi-oven prevents excessive drying, making for a juicier and more flavorful dishes!


Consider two pieces of kitchen equipment that, for all intents and purposes, creates the same yield and flavor results as one another. The only resulting difference is how fast you prepare your food! Gas/electric ranges and induction ranges are a great example of how food can be prepared identically, but how one - the induction range - can achieve the results in a shorter period of time. Induction technology works by utilizing an electromagnetic field to heat up the metal in the pan directly, cutting out the heat normally lost in gas/electric ranges. With pinpointed heating temperatures and instantaneous feedback, the induction burner is a chef’s best friend!

With flavor, yield, and speed is just a few of the aspects to consider when purchasing kitchen equipment, it pays to pay attention! Your success is affected by each of these factors (and more!), so maximize your profit by considering the possibilities of what your equipment can do for your bottom line.




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