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How to Use a Walk-In Freezer

How to Use a Walk-In Freezer

Walk-in freezers are an essential part of any well-run kitchen. There are many items that just can't be found locally and fresh, which means you need a place to keep them stored. The use of a walk-in freezer helps save room in the kitchen, so you won't have to sacrifice precious counter space or room for other restaurant equipment.

Meats are one item that take up a significant amount of room in any freezer. The size of some of the cuts are large, as buying for a restaurant isn't the same as buying for a home kitchen. The large size also allows for more unique cuts of meat to be made the the restaurant, especially if there is a quality butcher on staff to order even larger cuts so that you can create and store your own personalized cuts of meat.

Similarly, because of the size, buying in bulk for other items becomes a distinct possibility. One of the more embarrassing things for a restaurant is to have to tell a customer they're short on something. A sizable commercial walk-in freezer can relieve that burden. Similarly, you can utilize the walk-in floor space for items that need to be cold, but aren't eaten, such as frosting mugs or boxes of ice cream.


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