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Ice Machines Contain Technology That Prevents Contamination

Ice Machines Contain Technology That Prevents Contamination

When you get a cup of ice from the freezer in your kitchen, you probably don't think about the meticulous precautions that are built in to sterilize frozen water. Besides the fluoride and other chemicals added to the water, many commercial ice machines have filters that ensure the purity of the final product. However, restaurants must educate their employees on how to properly handle ice.

Waiters and other staff sometimes forget that ice is something that will actually be consumed in drinks and other food.
"Ice is considered a food product and can very easily be contaminated in different ways," infection prevention specialist Nancy Dupont said, according to NBC.

Therefore, ice removed from a device like the Hoshizaki AM-50BAJ Commercial ice maker With Bin must never come in contact with someone's bare hands. A scoop and bucket should be used to transport ice as needed. Furthermore, these buckets should never be left uncovered in areas where insects, food debris or other objects can contaminate the contents.

Quality like the Hoshizaki sterilize water as they work, but they have no control over what happens once the frozen water is removed for consumption.

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