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The Basics of Ice Machine Maintenance

The Basics of Ice Machine Maintenance

An commercial ice machine is a significant investment for any establishment, whether it's a restaurant, hotel or office. If you'd like to see your investment pay off and be able to go on presenting your patrons with chilled offerings, it's important that you stay on top of the machine's maintenance and repair.

If you're not quite the handyman yourself, here are a few tips to use for keeping your commercial ice machine in mint condition: 

  1. Always use a water filter and replace it every six months. Otherwise, the water might take on a funny, unpalatable taste. Also, you could be inviting germs and bacteria into your ice supply - and into your customers mouths.
  2. Ice machines often break due to overuse because the machine will not shut off or makes too much ice. Make sure that all settings, such as the shut off arm, are in the correct, manufacturer-recommended position.
  3. Don't use a plastic supply line unless it has specifically been marked for use with machines that make ice for consumption purposes, as they can be made with toxic materials that may end up in your cubes.

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